Sienna Resources Inc. (TSXV:SIE)


Sienna Resources is a mineral mining company engaged in developing and exploring high-grade energy metal deposits.

The publicly listed mining firm’s stocks trade on TSXV under the symbol ‘SIE’, on the OTC Market under the symbol ‘SNNAF and on FSE under ‘A1XCQ0’. Ticker.

The firm portfolio of mining properties and projects consists of:
• Kuusamo Project in Finland
• The Bleka and Vekselmyr in Norway
• Clayton Valley Lithium project in Nevada
• Marathon North Palladium in Ontario

Sienna Resources acquired the Norway-bases properties, Bleka and Vekselmyr, from EMX Royalty Corporation. The company has acquired these projects due to their historic gold production and huge future potential to produce high-grade mineralization.

Sienna considers these projects located in the greenstone belt in south Norway as underexplored with historic gold production at these mining locations indicating gold occurrences.

The Bleka Vein was founded in 1880 and is associated with a production of gold up to 165 kilograms grading 36 g/t.

The company further explores and produces lithium brines.

The firm through its Clayton Valley property in Nevada supplies lithium across North America. The Clayton Project is located in proximity with the Tesla Motors Inc’s Gigafactory outside of Reno.

Sienna claims that Clayton lies in the only lithium producing jurisdiction in North America.

The property reportedly consists of 247,000 tons of inferred resource of LCE (lithium carbonate equivalent). The company claims to have signed a contract with Tesla Motors Inc to supply lithium hydroxide from its Clayton Valley lithium deposit.

The Maraton North Palladium property is a 16,500-acre project in Coldwell Complex. It shares borders with Generation Mining Ltd’s Marathon Palladium project. The company claims to be the largest land holders other than Generation Mining in the Coldwell Complex, a largest alkaline complex in North America that hosts palladium and platinum deposits.

The mining and exploration entity presently focuses on developing its Bleka Gold Project and aims to conduct drilling operations at the property.

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company address 2905 – 700 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1C6

company phone(604) 646-6900

company email[email protected]

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