Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (TSXV:RHT)


Reliq Health Technologies Inc, listed on the TSX under the symbol RHT, is a technology and innovation-based healthcare service provider that provides healthcare services to the patients outside a clinical setup.

The company employs a team of healthcare experts, clinicians and differentiated technology.

Reliq offers a unique software platform, iUGO Care, to patients who need special care.

The iUGO Home watch that can be worn by elderly people having special care needs is a smart AI-based product which sends real-time alerts and notifications to the care team if the user needs immediate attention, the firm says.

It further says that if the person falls from the stairs or suffers heart attack, the watch identifies the symptoms and connects the patient to a team of experts or calls an ambulance right away.

The iUGO Care platform provides remote patient monitoring which enables healthcare providers to access the biometric data of their patients in real-time.

The data collected is organized so that healthcare providers can intervene to improve control of chronic diseases related to blood pressure, blood glucose, heartrate, oxygen saturation, weight, sleep, and activity.

The automatic alerts and notifications related to the patient’s health status assists the care team to intervene proactively, the health care firm claims.

Through Chronic Care Management service, iUGOCare can also provide clinicians a track record of the previous healthcare offered to at-risk patients with multiple comorbidities.

The system also enables medication tracking, record management and service provider scheduling.

iUGO Care also supports virtual meetings between patients and their clinical care team.
The Canadian firm says that the telemedicine platform allows patients to connect to the healthcare system remotely through video calls, text messages, phone calls. The system also provides a wound care facility wherein the patient can upload the picture of the wounds and get in touch with their clinicians who can track the wound care process, size of wound, dressing change needs, etc.

The company’s target market comprises three growing segments of the community care market that includes the healthcare services people receive outside the hospitals and clinics.

Reliq Health Technologies through its innovative product offerings operates in three segments:
• Virtual care
• Big Data
• Long-term care

Contact Information

company address #406A - 175 Longwood Rd S. Hamilton, ON L8P 0A1

company phone604 687-2038

company email[email protected]

company website

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