Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (TSXV:MWX)


Mineworx Technologies Ltd is a Calgary-based company the provides Mineworx Technologies mining services and develops mining technologies to advance the metal and mining industry.

Mineworx Technologies offers a variety of mining solutions and services.

The company present project includes ‘Diesel Catalytic Converter (platinum and palladium) Recycling’.

Mineworx in partnership with Davis Recycling is developing a processing technology that is expected to recover over 90 per cent of metal.

The firm’s portfolio of mining properties includes the following:

Cehegin iron ore mining project

It is a 100 percent owned by Mineworx and situated in the southeast edge of Spain. The project is supported by proper road and rail infrastructure with 62 concessions and past drilling of nearly 38 thousand meters.

Aroche wollastonite mining projects

Aroche wollastonite deposits are located in the Aroche Village of Huelva in southwestern Spain. The project is fully serviced by proper infrastructure, including railways, road transport and seaports, with a mineralization permit granted in 1991 for 90 years.

The firm also working on innovative solutions and technologies to recycle electronic waste.

Its portfolio of eco-friendly mining technologies consists of the following:

HM X-Mill

It is a patent pending technology utilized by grinding mills to process ores and re-process concentrates and tailings. This technology helps the mining industry to minimize the operational impact on the environment and reduces the operating costs, capital and maintenance costs, the firm claims.

HM X-Leach

HM X-Leach is an alternative to hydro metallurgic extraction of precious metals that uses toxic cyanide leaching. Mineworx claims that the technology is economical, safe with an effective recovery rate, and provides leach kinetics on ores, concentrates, tailings and e-waste.

HM X-Tract

It is a complete mobile mining or extraction technology that combines water clarification and filtration methods to recycle water used at the project site.

In a press release dated June 24, 2021, Mineworx Technologies Ltd announced that its US-based subsidiary, Mineworx USA Inc, entered into a joint venture with Davis Recycling Inc to operate a new company named PGM Renewal LLC.

Mineworx USA owns a 55 per cent stake in the new company while Davis Recycling owns the remaining 45 per cent.

Contact Information

company address Suite 1000, Livingston Place West, 250 2nd Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 0C1

company phone250 247-9490

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.mineworx.net/

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