Mednow Inc. (TSXV:MNOW)


Mednow Inc. is a Canadian healthcare technology corporation that operates in the healthcare providers and services industry. The company specializes in providing medical solutions and services to its customers throughout Canada. Mednow Inc. is a public Toronto Venture Stock Exchange company with its stock trading under the ticker symbol MNOW. Additionally, the healthcare service provider trades its stock on the OTCQB (United States market) under the symbol MDNWF.

The Vancouver-based company provides fully integrated male healthcare solutions, including Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Finasteride, and Rogaine, to address common health problems, such as hair loss or balding, erectile dysfunction and other issues. In addition, the company provides diabetes supplies, such as Glucagen Hypokit, Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor, Freestyle Libre Reader, Kitostix, Diastix, Keto Diastix, One Touch Verio Test Strips, Freestyle Lite Test Strips, Ascensia Contour Next Strips, DEX4, and Accu-Chek.

Karie is a personal healthcare appliance with an automated dispenser system that helps the user follow timely medications. The device is always connected to Mednow Pharmacy and caregivers and is equipped with remote monitoring tools to ensure regular refill and alerts. Mednow enables the user to interact with medical personnel virtually. The company also offers free home delivery of prescriptions and facilitates to upload, transfer, and refill prescribed medicines.

The PillSmartTM System by Mednow Pharmacy automatically delivers pills and vitamins on standard date and time, plus provides telemedicinal healthcare facilities.

On August 6, 2021, Mednow Inc. acquired Medvisit, a Canada-based healthcare company that provides on-demand doctor services to patients. With this acquisition, Mednow integrated its healthcare operations of pharmacy services, telemedicine and mental health assessment with online medical care and delivery services.

Contact Information

company address 4484 Main St. Vancouver, BC, V5V 3R3

company phone855 686-6300

company email[email protected]

company website

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