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Mason Graphite Inc. is a mineral mining company primarily involved in the acquisition, evaluation, exploration, extraction, and development of graphite properties across Canada. Mason Graphite Inc. is a publicly listed company on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange, with its common shares listed under the ticker symbol LLG. In addition to the TSXV, the natural graphite mining company lists and trades its common shares on the OTCQX market (in the United States) under the stock symbol MGPHF.

The Laval City, Quebec-based miner is focused on the production and transformation of graphite minerals and the development of value-added projects for clean technologies, such as electric vehicles. Mason Graphite owns a 100 per cent stake in the Lac Gueret Graphite Project in the north-northeastern part of Quebec.

The project is situated approximately 285 kilometers north of Baie-Comeau and some 660 kilometers from Montreal. The Lac Gueret Property comprises 215 mineral concessions spanning an approximate total area of 11,630 hectares.

The project lies within the conducive mining territory -- Plan Nord -- equipped with proper mine infrastructure, including Highway 389 and mining service centers. The exploration operations by Mason Graphite led to the discovery of two graphite mineralization zones:

• The GC Zone

• The GR Zone

The Lac Gueret Project includes an open-pit mine and a processing facility, along with a capacity to produce about 52,000 tons of concentrates annually for an expected initial life of over 25 years. Since 2015, Mason Graphite is also working on the development and advancement of its value-added project to manufacture and commercialize value-added products (VAP), including coated purified spherical graphite.

The VAP products have numerous applications in industrial technologies, such as:

• Metallic powders and alloys

• Alkaline batteries

• Lithium-ion batteries

• Fuel cells

• Flow batteries

• Carbon brushes

• Flame retardants

• Brake pads and clutch facings

• Insulation

• Catalysts

• Fabrics and fibers, pencils, lubricants, and paints

• Plastics, resins, and rubbers

The value-added project is supposed to receive graphite mineral feeds directly from the Lac Gueret Graphite Project, which will be transformed into multiple value-added products. The company develops value-added transformation processes for VAP products in collaboration with:

• National Research Council of Canada (NRC)




• Lithium Battery Technology (LiBTec)

In a press release dated June 7, 2021, Mason Graphite Inc. mentioned that it completed cycle testing on its prototype pouch cell batteries. With this, the company increased its workforce to boost battery material commercialization.

Contact Information

company address 3030 Le Carrefour blvd., Suite 600 Laval, Quebec H7T 2P5

company phone1 (514) 289 358

company email[email protected]

company website

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