ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. (TSXV:IPA)


ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. is a junior biotechnology company involved in antibody discovery and development to advance healthcare technologies.
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange, with its common shares traded under the ticker symbol IPA. The Markham Street, Victoria-based healthcare company is also listed on the NASDAQ Market and trades its common shares under the same stock symbol (IPA).
ImmunoPrecise claims to be focused on providing fully integrated services to pharmaceutical companies engaged in innovation, discovery, and development of antibody therapeutics by following four crucial steps:
• Target designation and antigen modelling
• Immunization
• Antibody discovery
• Characterization and optimization of antibodies
The biopharmaceutical company provides rPExTM, a transient expression system for mammal protein and related purification services to develop and manufacture an accurate quantity of antibodies or a combination of antibodies for further research and pre-clinical tests and studies.
ImmunoPrecise is specialized in bispecific antibody production and storing biological products, such as cells, enzymes, DNA, RNA, tissues, plasma etc.- also known as Cryostorage.
In addition, the company offers a portfolio of quality biological products:
• Antibodies- Salmonid Ig-HRPO, Flavobacterium-FITC, RPP20, RRP4, EBFP, Trypanosoma cruzi, Collagenase and many more.
• Organic growth factor products include Noggin-Fc, Rspo3-Fc and WNT Surrogate-Fc
• Protein products include C1QR-(His) N, Sp-D, Mannose Binding Protein C, Complement Factor B, Complement Factor D, OIT1 etc.
ImmunoPrecise owns a 100 percent stake in Talem Therapeutics, a subsidiary company formed to innovate, develop, and produce customized therapeutics for infections, inflammation, and disease-related to oncology, neurology, or any special illness. Talem also assists the parent company in partnership deals with pharmaceutical companies.
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies mainly operates in the North American markets (including Canada and the United States), but is also present in Europe and other countries. The company generates a significant part of its revenue from business operations in Europe.

Contact Information

company address 3204 - 4464 Markham Street Victoria, British Columbia V8Z 7X8

company phone250 483-0308

company email[email protected]

company website

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