Infinite Ore Corp. (TSXV:ILI)


Infinite Ore Corp is a junior mining company engaged in the business of exploration of mineral resources globally.

In 2017, under a rebranding, the firm changed its name from Alix Resources Corp to Infinite Ore Corp. In addition, its ticker on the TSX Venture was also changed to ‘ILI’.

The mining company operates on two major projects:
• The Eastern Vision
• Jackpot

The Eastern Vision is located between Great Bear Resources’ South Bay mine and Dixie project. It comprises potential deposits of gold and volcanogenic massive sulfide. The project is covered in an area of 19,438 hectares and is covered by the Fredart/Garnet Lake, Confederation South and the Confederation North properties.

The mining firm claims that the project is domiciled in a mining friendly jurisdiction, which is 40 to 70 kilometers east of the Red Lake Town in Northwest Ontario. In addition, it says that the mining property has showed a history of VMS style deposit discoveries with nearby land area known to produce 1.6 metric ton of ore including 11:06 per cent zinc, 73 g/t Silver and 1.8 per cent copper in the 1970’s.

Infinite Ore Corp claims that previously the project was underdeveloped but due to recent discoveries of high-grade gold by Great Bear Resources Ltd within the Confederation Lake Assemblage of the Birch–Uchi Green Stole Belt, there are significant evidence to support the project’s gold potential.

The Jackpot Lithium property in George Lake Area has shown new pegmatite targets on the property making it valuable for future productions, the firm adds. In past, the project reportedly produced approximately two million tons of lithium carbonate. The site also consists of two pegmatite dykes bearing spodumene pegmatite beneath the surface, Infinite Ore Corp claims.

In 1955, Ontario Lithium Company Ltd had tested the Jackpot deposits by diamond drilling 32 holes that confirmed the mineral deposits on the site bodies. The mineral exploration firm claims that in its 2018 sampling study, 90 kilograms of granitic pegmatite rocks were discovered with reserves of lithium. In addition, a third pegmatite dyke was found during the drilling intercepts conducted in 2018.

Contact Information

company address 1240-789 W Pender St. Vancouver, BC, V6C 1H2

company phone1-888-945-4770

company email[email protected]

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