IBEX Technologies Inc. (TSXV:IBT)


IBEX Technologies Inc. is a biotechnology company that focuses on producing, developing, and selling diagnostic products. Through its subsidiary, IBEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., the company develops and provides enzymes for biomedical use.

In addition, it also specializes in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of arthritis assays that are used for osteoarthritis research. IBEX provides two products lines, including:

• Tests for osteoarthritis research

• Enzymes for in-vitro diagnostics and research.

The company’s headquarters is in Montreal, Canada. IBEX Technologies Inc. is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange Market (TSXV), where its common stocks trade under the ticker of ‘IBT’.

It provides various services such as filling of device components, custom fermentation, and lyophilization services for disposable diagnostics. It provides a portfolio of products including Heparinase I, II, III, Heparinase I Diagnostics, Chondroitinase AC & B, Collagen Elisas and Collagen Antibodies.

Additionally, IBEX has produced a Flavobacterium heparin expression system that can develop glycosylated enzymes. Heparinase I Diagnostics is used for Activated Clotting Time (ACT) in CABG surgery, Thromboestastography (TEG) in CABG surgery, Prothrombin Time (PT), and Rotation Thromboelastometry (RT).

For the collagen research, the company provides several significant tools such as C2C Collagen Type II Cleavage Assay (Degradation), C1,2C Collagen Type I and II Cleavage Assay (Degradation), CPII Procollagen Type II Propeptide Synthesis Assay, CS846 Aggrecan Chondroitin Sulfate Epitope Synthesis Assay and C2C-HUSA™ Collagen Type II Cleavage Assay.

Contact Information

company address Suite 100, 5485 Paré Street Montreal, PQ H4P 1P7

company phone514 344-4004

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.ibex.ca/

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