Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. (TSXV:EBM)


Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. is a junior biotechnology company operating in the healthcare sector.
Its operation involves the development, production, marketing, and distribution of medical solutions for Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
The Eleotin brand offered by the Richmond, British Columbia-based healthcare company, contains a naturally sourced formula that manages metabolic syndromes by:
• Controlling the transformation of carbohydrates into glucose.
• Regenerating the Beta Cells functions to facilitate insulin creation.
• Enhancing the efficiency of the insulin receptor.
The product portfolio of Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada provides various products under the brand ELEOTIN© for:
• Blood Glucose Health- Bentley, Gold Capsule, Mb Tea, PEDO-PROTECTION Socks, Platinum Tea Plus, Prevention Formula, Bentley D, MB Grey, Mb Premium Grey, Mb Premium Set, Mb Premium White, and MB White.
• Blood Pressure Health- LBM Formula, Hypertension Formula, Square C1 Formula etc.
• Brain Health- Neuro Health, Kalimera Hypno, Kathoros, and Super Brilliant.
• Obesity and Detox- Juvenile Obesity Formula, Mb Concentrated Capsule, Intro Offer Eleotin Kalimera Mg etc.
• Health Improvement and Beauty- Gold Capsule, MA5, Mb Tea, Neuro-Health, pet Metabolism, Collagen, Kalimera, Face Lip Balm, Santorini and many more.
JMDRC scientists at the University of Calgary originally innovated and developed the Eleotin. Later, further research studies about Eleotin formulation were undertaken by Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada with other international organizations, including Tsinghua University (China).
Eastwood Bio-Medical is said to be interested in expanding the market supply of the Eleotin products by increasing its distribution and affiliate network. The company strictly operate according to the laws and policies of federal or local government and community.
Eastwood Bio-Medical trades on the TSXV as EBM.

Contact Information

company address 1130 – 4871 Shell Road. Richmond, BC, V6X 3Z6 Canada

company phone604-247-2100

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://eastwoodcompanies.com/

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