Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (TSXV:CSX)


Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. is an industrial technology company specializing in farming and heavy construction machinery technologies. Clean Seed Capital Group innovates, manufactures, and develops digital technologies to support the global agricultural and farming industry.

Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange with its common shares trading under the ticker symbol CSX. In addition to the TSXV, the agriculture-focused industrial technology developer lists and trades its common shares on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market under the stock symbol CLGPF.

The Burnaby-based innovator has developed the Smart Seeder MaxTM and Max-STM -- seeding and plantation tools that utilize a digital metering system. It features 60 rows of variable rate, up to five products delivered with micro zone five-layer prescription, digital turn compensation and overlap protection.

The SeedSyncTM tracks and controls the performance of the Cushion Drive Digital Metering SystemTM that enables maximum resolution application and ensures accurate metering of the products per acre. The company worked with J.Assy, a Brazil-based organization focused on agri-business technologies, to develop the SeedSync OneTM -- an adaptable vacuum meter to ensure quality singulation performance.

Clean Seed Capital Group has introduced Build-a-MAX, an online platform to market its Smart Seeder MaxTM product line comprising three product technologies -- MAX-4, MAX-5, and MAX-S. Clean Seed Capital Group earns revenue from the sale of its proprietary technologies and equipment, including airlocks, optional tires, velocity loading conveyor, seed count sensor and saw tooth coulter.

In 2021, the company launched a campaign to commercialize its patented technologies and become the dealer or agricultural partner throughout western Canada, the United States, and other key potential markets. The company aims to innovate further and develop synergistic technologies to enhance crop production and support agri-businesses across the globe.

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company address Unit 14 7541 Conway Avenue Burnaby, B.C. V5E 2P7

company phone604 318-1448

company email[email protected]

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