Cryptostar Corp. (TSXV:CSTR)


Cryptostar Corp (TSXV: CSTR) is a Toronto-based company that is engaged in cryptocurrency mining. It also operates data centers in Canada, the United States, China and globally.

The publicly listed firm claims to offer low-cost cryptocurrency in North America and delivers ASIC and GPU miners and other hosting related solutions worldwide.

Cryptostar established its first facility in Alberta, Canada, which can generate 10 MW of output reportedly. In North America, the company claims to have secured up to 30 MW as lowest electricity rates.

The cryptocurrency miner says that is Alberta-based partners are negotiating to supply power for up to 120 MW at different in the province. The company’s team consists of entrepreneurs, investors, finance experts, and computer engineers that helps people to understand and select the right ASIC and GPU Hardware to invest in and mine.

Founder and engineer David Jellins founded the crypto mining company in 2017.

The Canadian firm claims to have an attractive and innovative data center designed in Utah, the United States.

Its data center in the Yunnan region of China consists of digital currencies, including bitcoins and Ethereum that offers mining hardware with hosting solutions. The data center is sponsored by Laowohe Hydropower Project.

The firm says that China’s Miner+Hosting Package provides attractive pricing without any tariffs. The Canadian company claims that users can purchase the Etherenum mining hardware and hosting package that will work for 12 to 24 months, including no maintenance fee. The firm further claims that it does not include any repair fees during the 12 month or 24 months warranty period. However, it involves the cost that the customer pays at the time of purchase.

With Etheruem Mining Hardware+ hosting Package, the company reportedly provides mining hardware and mining pool account without any maintenance fees. The Canadian cryptocurrency producer claims that it is a one-time payment package for the entire time duration. Some of the offerings include:
• G480Miner+12MonthHosting Package
• G480 Miner + 24 Month Hosting Package
• G250Miner + 12 Month Hosting Package

Contact Information

company address 181 Bay Street Suite 4400 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3

company phone61 419-936-941

company email[email protected]

company website

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