ALX Resources Corp (TSXV:AL)


ALX Resources Corp is a mining company that uses the latest exploration technologies and engages in developing, acquiring, and exploring mineral resources such as uranium, gold, and other base metals in Canada.

The company claims to focus on exploring and expanding mineral properties by joint-venture agreement or equity financing.

The mining firm claims that its total holding covers approximately 200,000 hectares of land in Ontario and Saskatchewan, representing high-grade uranium deposits.

The company mainly focuses on exploration activities through a portfolio of mineral properties in Saskatchewan and further aims to extend its presence in Ontario.

ALX Resources Corp also engages in the discovery of various valuable metals such as nickel, gold, copper, cobalt, and uranium.

In addition, the firm also owns and operates a diversified portfolio of energy metal projects as under:

Firebird Nickel Project

It is a nickel-copper-cobalt mineralization property located in the northern Athabasca region of Saskatchewan and consists of 73 claims covering 23,624 hectares of land. ALX Resources Corp has a 100 per cent stake in the project, where Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc operates as an exploration partner and can hold up to an 80 per cent interest by paying $125,000, the exploration firm claims.

The project, formerly known as the Falcon Nickel project, consists of a magmatic nickel-sulfide mineralizing system.

Electra Nickel

Formerly Bateman Lake property, the wholly owned energy metal project is located in Shebandowan Greenstone Belt near Ontario in Canada. It is known for its nickel, copper, cobalt, gold mineralization and other platinum group elements.

Cannon Copper

ALX Resources Corp acquired this property in 2015 and has 100 per cent stake. Cannon Copper project consists of 13 claims in 289 hectares in Ontario, including a mill and a mine.

Flying Vee

Flying Vee is another wholly owned property of ALX Resources’, where there are 14 mineral claims in 27,622 hectares of land.

Draco VMS – Norway

It is the firm’s non-Canadian asset located in Central Norway with a 100 per cent stake. ALX Resources says that there are ten claims on nearly 5,959 hectares.


The Canadian property consists of eight claims and hosts cobalt, copper and nickel mineralization. The 13,709-hectare project is located in Mudjatik Domain in Saskatchewan.

The portfolio of gold properties includes Vixen Gold Project, Alligator Lake Gold Project, Sceptre Gold Project and Hummingbird Gold Project.

The uranium assets include Gibbons Creek, Carpenter Lake, Argo, Hook-Carter, etc.

Contact Information

company address Suite 408 - 1199 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 2R1

company phone604 629-0293

company emaili[email protected]

company website

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