Victoria Gold Corp (TSX:VGCX)


Victoria Gold Corp is a Canada-based mining company focused on developing, ownership and exploration of gold mineral properties across Canada and the United States.

It owns Dublin Gulch property, which hosts the Eagle Gold Deposit, located in Canada's central Yukon territory. The property is located in the Tintina Gold Belt.

The first pour at the gold property occurred in the third quarter of 2019, the company claims.

Eagle Gold Mine is reportedly the newest mine in Yukon's belt that achieved commercial production in 2020 and can produce 210,000 ounces of the yellow metal.

Victoria Gold Corp claims that the construction and operation at the Eagle Gold Mine is creating employment opportunities for local youth.

The mining firm operates and owns its flagship asset, Dublin Gulch gold property, located to the northeast of Mayo village in Yukon.

The 555 kilometer-property is powered by a Yukon-based energy company's power grid.

It hosts the company's principal asset Eagle Gold Mine and Olive Gold Deposits.

The Dublin Gulch claim block also hosts potential targets which are under exploration and development stage, including:
• Olive-Shamrock
• Wolf-Tungsten
• Raven
• Nugget
• Eagle West
• Lynx
• Eagle Extension
• Popeye
• Catto
• BlutoRex-Pisco
• Spinach

Eagle Gold Mine's operations include extracting ore from a conventional open-pit, heap-leach mine from primary and secondary heap leaching pads.

The crushed ore passes through a three-stage crushing plant that includes carbon-in-leach adsorption, in-valley heap leach and desorption gold recovery plant.

The gold is then filtered with cyanide solution and passed through an adsorption-desorption-regeneration (ADR) carbon plant, the mining firm claims.

Victoria Gold Corp also owns various other properties such as Canalask Property, Clear Creek Property, Donjek Property and Santa Fe Project.

• Santa Fe Project: Situated near Walker Lane, it is reportedly one of the Nevada's prime exploration terrains with 36 million ounces of silver and over 45 million ounces of gold reserves.

Walker lane consists of large mineral deposits such as the Rawhide, Paradise Peak, Comstock Lode Goldfield, Tonopah, and Bullfrog.

• Canalask Property: It is a 32-kilometre property located near the Whitehorse Mining District. It comprises 179 quartz claims and rights.

• Clear Creek Property: Located in Dawson Mining District, the property hosts 77 quartz claims. Presently, the property consists of 233 contiguous quartz claims in over 4,500 hectares area.

Donjek Property comprises 169 quartz claims spread in an area of approximately 3,500 hectares.

Contact Information

company address 80 Richmond Street West, Suite 204 Toronto, ON M5H 2A4, Canada

company phone(416) 866-8800

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