Trilogy International Partners LLC (TSX:TRL)


Trilogy International Partners Inc is a telecommunication service provider based in Canada. The firm IP holds and controls a significant stake in Trilogy LLC. Through its Trilogy provides data communications and wireless voice services in New Zealand and Bolivia.

Founders Bradley J. Horwitz, John Stanton and Theresa Gillespie established the company in 2005 by acquiring assets from Western Wireless Corporation.

It claims to invest in local operating markets and deploy unique and local brands image marketing segment.

The telecom firm was formed in 1982 as McCaw Cellular Inc. Alignwest Acquisition Corp. (AQX) had combined its business with Trilogy International Partners LLC on November 1, 2016. Alignwest Acquisition Corp. (AQX) had combined its business with Trilogy International Partners LLC on 1st November 2016.

The communication company claims to have undertaken numerous acquisitions through its different local brands in multiple countries.

sThe company trades its shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TRL. The wireless operating brands of Trilogy International Partners include McCaw Cellular, Western Wireless, T-Mobile USA (previously known as VoiceStream), and Clearwire.

Trilogy operates through two main subsidiaries: 2degrees and NuevaTel in New Zealand and Bolivia. NuevaTel, operating under the name Viva, high-speed data communications services and wireless voice through postpaid and prepaid payment plans.

The telecom firm claims that its network supports many digital technologies including GSM or 2g, Universal Mobile Telecommunication Service, 3G, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 4G services. AQX and Trilogy claims that NuevaTel and 2Degrees demonstrate significant opportunity in the respective markets where they already hold favorable positions. The company further claims to have made some significant capital investments in telecommunication infrastructure to generate substantial profitability.

The telecom operator provides local, international, and roaming wireless voice and data communication services on bother prepaid and post-paid basis.

The expected growth from the Bolivian and New Zealand subsidiaries is accounted to the increasing postpaid subscriber share, increased customer base for LTE usage, rising data usage amongst the existing subscribers, and organic growth reasons, the telecom firm claims.

Contact Information

company address Suite 400 155 - 108 Avenue NE Bellevue, Washington 98004

company phone425.458.5900

company email[email protected]

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