Park Lawn Corp (TSX:PLC)


Park lawn Corporation (TSX:PLC) provides crematoriums, cemeteries, funeral houses, and related services across North America.

The company was initially founded as Park Lawn Company Limited in 1892. The entity went public in 1915.

In 2002, the cemetery services provider acquired Westside Cemeteries Ltd from Service Corporation International and added six cemeteries to its portfolio in Toronto.

Park Lawn Company Limited entered the funeral home business in 2014 after acquiring 50 per cent stake in Amety Ltd, which owned eight funeral houses under the Tubman brand.

This crematorium company expanded even further to Manitoba and Saskatchewan in 2014 with the 50 per cent ownership interest in a cremation facility and six funeral homes.

Park lawn Corporation acquired an online, low-cost funeral provider, Basic Funerals, operating in Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.

The company opened Mausoleum of Faith at Westminster Cemetery in June 2015.

It grew its assets in Manitoba by acquiring Korban Funeral Chapel.

The crematorium operator acquired 80 per cent stake in Ontario-based Mundell Funeral Home Ltd in February 2016.

Further in 2016, Parklawn entered the United States market with the acquisition of Midwest Memorial Group and owned a portfolio of over 50 locations across North America.

In addition, the company graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange, with stocks trading under the symbol ‘PLC’.

In January 2017, Parklawn expanded its footprint in Ontario by acquiring four funeral homes in District of Muskoka, Barrie and Simcoe Country.

The company further expanded in British Columbia with the purchase of Province Funeral Home and Credible Cremations.

It purchased Saber Management in August 2017, which has funeral home operations and cemetery operations in Kentucky, Illinois, and Texas.

During next few years, Park lawn Corporation acquired several businesses with operations in New York, New Jersey, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico and Missouri.

In 2018, through a partnership, it acquired Billingsley Funeral Home and Opatovsky Funeral homes in Ontario, Burk’s Falls and Sundrige, respectively.

In addition, Park lawn Corporation also bought Hansons’ four funeral homes and crematorium and diversified its British Columbia-based portfolio.

Recently in November 2020, it acquired J.F. Floyed Mortuary, which owns four funeral homes, a crematorium and nine cemeteries in Southern Carolina.

Contact Information

company address 2 St. Clair Ave. W. Suite 1300 (Floor 12A) Toronto, ON M4V 1L5

company phone1-416-231-1462

company website

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