Morguard North American Residential Real (TSX:MRG.UN)

Real Estate

Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust is a publicly listed trust with focus on residential real estate properties.

The unincorporated trust was reportedly formed to acquire multi-unit residential properties in Canada and the United States, and to generate stable and growing cash distributions on a tax-efficient basis.

The company claims to focus on creating long term value of its and enhance property portfolio by active management. In addition, it also eyes for expansion of the asset base through accretive acquisitions and property improvements.

The Mississauga-based company invest in well-located, diversified and high-quality assets across North America.

The trust has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since its inception in 2012 under the ticker of 'MRG.UN'.

The real estate investment trust owns a portfolio of nearly 43 residential and multi-suite properties in North America and 27 residential units in the United States. The properties in the United States are located in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, Colorado and Virginia.

In addition, the company owns 16 residential apartment communities across Canada, including Ontario and Alberta.

Morguard Corporation (TSX: MRC) offers leasing properties for office, industrial, retail, apartments, and hotels.

The parent entity operates through three distinct business lines:
• Investments in real property
• Investment and advisory services

Morguard Corp operates and manages a diversified portfolio of multi-suite residential, industrial, hotel properties, office and retail properties across North America.

The company has interest in two publicly listed REITs, namely Morguard REIT (TSX: MRT.UN) and Morguard North American Residential REIT (TSX: MRG.UN).

Morguard REIT focuses on commercial Canadian reak estate properties, The closed end trust owns and manages over 47 commercial properties and well-located office properties in Canada. The property type includes industrial properties, shopping malls, and community shopping centers.

Advisory and Investment Services

Morguard Corp offers management services, real estate advisory services, fixed-income securities, and publicly traded equities to private investors and institutional clients. It also delivers integrated and strategic real estate services to clients looking to own profitable real estate portfolio.

The leasing and property management teams claims to handle a diversified income-producing property portfolio of commercial space across Canada.

In addition, it provides private investors and institutional clients with a wide range of global investment products consisting of fixed-income, balanced portfolios and private equity.

Through Lincluden Investment Management, Morguard Corp manages assets across fixed income securities and private equity. In addition, the group handles a diversified portfolio of insurance companies, first nation trusts, pension funds, endowments, long-term health, disability funds and foundations, etc.

Contact Information

company address 55 City Centre Drive Suite 800 Mississauga, ON L5B 1M3 - See more at:

company phone905-281-3800

company email[email protected]

company website

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