Kuuhubb Inc. (TSX:KUU)


Kuuhubb Inc operates as a mobile game and app firm that targets a female audience with bespoke mobile experiences. The company is focused on becoming one of the largest players in the female mobile game space. 
Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Kuuhubb Inc trades on the TSX Venture market (TSXV) under the ticker ‘KUU’. 
Kuuhubb is focused on exploring new lifestyle trends that could be changed into games and apps and develop value for shareholders as well as the community. 
Kuuhub claims to empower its female audience by developing games and apps that will provide a relaxing environment to female audiences and will entertain them every day. On March 19, 2020, the company successfully launched its Tiles & Tales game. 
As a mobile games and apps company, Kuuhubb brings its evolving casual mobile games to its portfolio by using its investment and knowledge in games. 
It is developing a partnership with leading media companies and developing bespoke co-marketing opportunities with famous consumer brands around the world including Mattel, Ben & Jerry’s, Fazer, Lionsgate, and Kellogg's. 
Between 2014-1015, Kuuhubb OY in Finland was established as an online gaming consulting firm. It became public in 2017 and started to trade on the TSX Venture Exchange. 
It developed a strategic partnership with the largest talent management agency in India. It then got the global publishing rights to the MyHospital game in 2017. 
In 2018, the company took over development group Valiance, and got the global publishing rights to the Dancing Diaries game. 
Kuuhubb’s portfolio includes 
• Tiles & Tales 
• Recolor 
• Recolor by numbers 
• MyHospital 
• Dancing Diaries 

Contact Information

company address "Kuuhubb Inc. 390 Bay Street Suite 700A Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y2"

company phone358 500404714

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://kuuhubb.com/

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