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Jamieson Wellness Inc (TSX:JWEL) is a Canada-based producer of natural health and wellness products.

The Toronto-based company is engaged in production, manufacturing, and distribution of healthcare products such as supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Jamieson Wellness Inc operates and provides a wide range of branded health and wellness products under a family of brands, including:

Founded in 1922, the products include multivitamin gummies, cardiovascular and cognitive health solutions, bone health supplements, cough and cold support, plant-based protein, metabolic support, immune support chewable and TRU-ID certified authentic ingredients. It also offers beauty, stress, and sleep support formulas.


The brand, operational since 1984, provides quality supplements to support individuals throughout entire health and fitness regime. Progressive products contain foundational formulas for the following:

• Probiotics
• Multivitamins
• Fish oils
• Single ingredient products
• Solution focused products

Progressive products include immune support, super foods, multivitamins for men and women, probiotics, immune support sprays and soft gels, digestion support and vegan protein, etc.


It is a sport nutrition supplement brand, founded in 1998, to cater to high-performance athletes, body builders and fitness lovers. Precision products claims to offer full transparency, zero fillers and no amino spiking. These products include protein supplements, testosterone supplements, fat loss supplements and performance supplements.

Iron Vegan

It is a premier plant-based brand formed in 2015 to provide clean and natural foods-based products, which are non-GMO and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or additives. These products include plant based sprouted protein, plant-based protein, sprouted proteins bars and L-Glutamine supplements.

Smart Solutions

The brand provides comprehensive supplement solutions to common health issues among women such as sleep and stress management, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, etc.
Smart Solutions products are provided under four therapeutic areas such as:
• Intimacy gel
• Prenatal
• Energy support liquids
• Beauty From Within
• Mental focus
• Muscle and heart function
• Gut health
• Hormone balancing
• Mood balance

Jamieson Wellness Inc also operates through a contractual manufacturing division named Nutricorp.

It reportedly works with ingredient suppliers and manufactures tablets, capsules, chewable, caplets, soft gels, liquids and powders. The facilities, located in Scarborough and Windsor, also own finished and bulk packaging capabilities i.e. tubs, jars, and bags.

Nutricorp division also helps in marketing manufactured products to consumers through retailers and e-channels.

The brand has a presence in Asia, North America, Australia, Central and South America and Europe.

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Contact Information

company address 1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 2200 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2V9

company phone416 960-0052

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.jamiesonwellness.com/

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