InZinc Mining Ltd. (TSX:IZN)


InZinc Mining Ltd is a metals and mining company that focuses on acquiring, exploring, assessing, and developing mineral properties in the United States and Canada. The company explores and develops the PX property, and the Indy property. 

The company’s headquarters is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. InZinc Mining Ltd is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange market (TSXV), where its common stocks trade under the ticker ‘IZN’. 

The company closed its option agreement for the West Desert project with American West Metals Ltd which now owns and operates a 100 per cent stake in the West Desert project. 

The company is an important shareholder of American West Metals which focuses on strengthening the Copper Warrior projects, the Storm Copper, and the West Desert zinc-copper project in North America. 

The Indy project is a road-accessible property situated in central British Columbia and consists of near-surface mineralization and large untested zinc and precious metal exploration targets. 

This project has a 25-kilometer mineralized trend and is near rail, road, and hydropower access. It includes 16 mineral claims and geochemical prospecting has discovered high-grade Sedex-type mineralization on this property. 

InZinc Mining Ltd has the right to own and operate a 100 per cent stake in the Indy Sedex project which is situated 90 kilometers southeast of Prince George city. This project has extensive new targets and has identified large geochemical anomalies. 

The 2021 phase program discovered very large zinc and new silver targets on this property. The 2018 maiden drill program had successfully discovered Sedex-type mineralization. 

The Indy Sedex project is surrounded by paved and multi-season forestry roads, intercontinental Canadian National Railway (CNR), and hydro-electric transmission lines. 

Contact Information

company address P.O. Box 48268, Station Bentall Centre Vancouver, BC V7X 1A2

company phone604 317-2728

company email[email protected]

company website

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