Knight Therapeutics Inc (TSX:GUD)


Knight Therapeutics Inc, founded in February 2014, is a Canadian generic drug manufacturing company.

The company’s operations include developing, in-licensing, acquiring, marketing, out-licensing and distributing consumer health products, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment across Canada and Latin America.

It was founded by the CEO and the co-founder of Paladin Labs Inc, which was later purchased by Endo.

The manufacturing company acquired its stake in Grupo Biotoscana in November 2019. Grupo is a specialty pharmaceutical company with its footprint across Latin America.

By August 2020, the medicine provider increased its stake to 100 per cent in Grupo.

The drug manufacturer expanded its footprint in Brazil and Uruguay with the acquisition of United Medical in 2013 and 2014.

The company further expanded in Bolivia and Paraguay by adding two manufacturing sites fro Quality Pharma and Lynch.

By 2015, Knight Therapeutics Inc had business operations in nine countries.

In 2019-2020, Knight acquired controlling stake from Essex Woodlands, Advent, and other investors.

The company claims to generate nearly 39 percent of its total revenue from operations in Brazil, followed by Argentina, Colombia and 17 per cent from the rest of Latin America.

The product pipeline is centered around three therapeutic areas:
• Oncology and Onco-Hematology
• Infectious diseases
• Specialty CNS and GI

The company provides following medicines and treatment solutions under the Oncology portfolio:

• Lenvima: It is distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru and used to treat thyroid, liver and kidney cancer. However, its approval is still pending in Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia, the company claims.

• Halaven: It is used in the treatment of advanced breast cancer after chemotherapy fails and Liposarcoma after the 1st line chemotherapy fails. The medicine is launched in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

• Trelstar: Launched by Paladin Labs in 2005, the drug retains the company’s presence in the oncology market across in Canada.

• Nerlynx: It is also used in the treatment of breast cancer.

• Abraaxane: The drug is used to treat advanced pancreatic cancer.

Other generic branded medicines include Ladevina, Karfib and Zyvalix.

Knight Therapeutics claims to provide innovative line of treatment for infectious diseases in the Latin American business segment. The portfolio consists of the following drugs:

• Ambisome: It is used in the treatment of Candida, Mucorales, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Cryptococcus, Histoplasma and other fungal infections. The product was initially launched in Brazil and is being distributed for over 20 years, the company claims.

• Cresemba: It is used to treat severe fungal infections with high mortality rates, including mucormycosis and invasive apergillosis.

The company has partnered with Gilead in Colombia and neighboring countries to distribute and market HCV/HIC product pipeline including Odefsey, Genvoya, Truvada, Descovy and Complera.

The therapeutic company also provides drugs and treatment for various chronic diseases.

Contact Information

company address 3400 de Maisonneuve W. Suite 1055 Montreal, QC Canada H3Z 3B8

company phone(514) 484-4483

company email[email protected]


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