Cameco Corporation (TSX:CCO)


Cameco Corporation is an integrated uranium fuel supplier based in Saskatoon, Canada.

In 1988, Eldorado Nuclear Limited and Saskatchewan Mining Development Corporation were merged to create Cameco Corporation.

The Canada-based company went public in 1991 and began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ticker ‘CCO’.

By 1996, the global uranium producer was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The stocks trade under the ticker 'CCJ'

The company claims it is a global leader in uranium mining, including mine engineering, exploration, environmental protection etc.

The uranium supplier has Tier I operations in Canada and Kazakhstan.

The uranium operations include:

• Canada: Cigar Lake, McArthur River/ Key Lake, and Rabbit Lake

• Kazakhstan: Inkai

• United States: Crow Butte and Smith Ranch-Highland

Cameco Corporations says it focuses on strategic partnerships with the companies having promising exploration assets and a significant geographic footprint. Some properties include the Cree Extension-Millennium project in Canada’s Athabasca Basin and Yeelirrie and Kintyre in Australia.

Cameco Corporation also supplies uranium processing services to nuclear utilities across the globe.

The company operates a commercial refinery in Blind River, Ontario, where uranium concentrates are refined into Uranium trioxide (UO3). It is an intermediate product in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Cameco Corporation also operates Canada's only uranium conversion facility reportedly.

The facility, located in Port Hope, produces uranium dioxide and uranium hexafluoride. The end-product is used in producing fuel for both heavy water and light water nuclear reactors.

Cameco Marketing Inc caters to the marketing segment of the company. It primarily clubs global marketing activities as one unit and oversees sales, marketing and administration.

Cameco reportedly supplies uranium-related products in 13 countries spanning three continents- Australia, North America and Asia.

The Canadian firm reportedly distributed nearly 10,000 masks, 7,000 litres of hand sanitizer and 7,000 pair of gloves in 2020 as part of its COVID-19 relief program.

Contact Information

company address 2121 11th Street West, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada S7M 1J3

company phone(306) 956-6200

company email[email protected]

company website

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