AgJunction Inc. (TSX:AJX)


AgJunction Inc (TSXV: AJX) provides technology solutions to the global agricultural markets.

The company claims to leverage its 25+ years of experience in providing over 10,000 automated systems to leading agricultural manufacturers worldwide.

In 2019, the company reportedly won the Arizona Innovator of the Year for its precision technology and modular design that helps increasing the agricultural productivity and sustainability by low fuel usage, water wastage, fertilizer usage, and dust and seed.

The company provides optimal solutions for off-road automation application and modular solutions. It provides various services, including:
• Solutions for autonomy
• In- cab terminal solutions
• customized software solutions
• gnss solutions
• mobile applications
• customized hardware
• cloud services

• guidance solutions

The Alberta-based company provides hardware and software products that include precision auto-steering systems, custom install kits for agricultural machines, and other technical solutions like electric steer modules, hydraulic steer modules and factory ready steer modules.

The company claims that its automatic steering software module can be integrated with vehicle interface systems to build high performance auto steering solutions.

AgJunction provides software based solutions to original equipment manufacturers or value added resellers to meet their off-road and autonomous technology demands. Such related software solutions include the following:
• Automatic Steering software
• Path planning module
• Automatic Headland Management Sequence
• Isobus software package
• Telematics and cloud

The Canadian company provides its hardware and software solutions to global and domestic original equipment manufacturers and farmers.

Its autosteering technology is sold at HandsFreeFarm under the brand Wheelman. The company claims that its Wheelman autosteering products are compatible with more than 700 vehicle models and can be purchased and installed by farmers without any prior experience in tech-based farming. These products increase the precision in farming activities and prevent additional costs of purchasing new tractors, the firm adds.

The Wheelman products are used in efficient field preparation, precision plantation, spraying and precision seed spreading without overlapping the already covered areas and targeted harvesting to reduce wastage.

The company’s brand portfolio consists of Novarient, Wheelman and Whirl.

It is traded on TSXV under ticker ‘AJX’.

The company claims to actively invest research and development to meet the current needs of farmers by developing modern technical solutions.

Contact Information

company address 9105 E. Del Camino Dr. #115 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

company phone480 291-5747

company email[email protected]

company website

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