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Ag Growth International Inc manufactures grain handling and conditioning equipment such as storage, belt conveyors, storage bins, aeration and drying systems.

The company primarily focuses on providing solutions for stationary and portable handling, storage and conditioning.

The manufacturing firm provides its products under various brands, including:

• AGM Batco
• AGM Wheatheart
• AGM Westfield
• AGM Storm


Ag Growth International has manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, United Kingdom and India.

It operates in three geographical divisions, namely Canada, the United States, and international.

Ag Growth International Inc claims to provide a global infrastructure network and technology to store, mix, blend, convey, condition and process agricultural inputs and crops.

The AGI products, technology and equipment reportedly allows global movement of crops starting from cultivation to processing. The company provides products for storage, conditioning and processing. In addition, it also provides green bins, hopper bins, temporary storage equipment, water tanks, containment systems, etc.

Ag Growth International Inc provides mixed-flow dryers, fans and heaters, aeration equipment, vents, and exhausters to maintain crop quality.

It offers bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, screw feeders, etc., for permanent handling solutions.

Ag Growth International Inc also manufactures structures for agricultural needs, flat storage buildings and towers.

In addition to these, the company provides different processing solutions through batch blenders, bulk scales, declining weight blenders, vertical blenders and mixers.

Ag Growth International Inc also provides technology services through hazard monitoring, automation and sampling systems.

The company’s hazard monitoring system includes a network of sensors installed on belt conveyors, fans or bucket elevators to provide real-time feedback for maintenance and repairs. It caters to the on-farm and commercial grain handling needs of water, petroleum, agricultural and industrial customers.

Ag Growth International Inc’s French brand Sabe is a machinery manufacturer that deals in bulk processing technology. It designs, installs, manufactures, and commissions projects in France.

Contact Information

company address 198 Commerce Drive Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 0Z6

company phone204 489-1855

company email[email protected]

company website

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