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Aecon Group Inc (TSX:ARE) is engaged in the construction and infrastructure sector.

The group’s history roots back to 1867 when a Scottish immigrant Adam Clark opened a plumbing and gas company, now a predecessor, in Hamilton, Ontario.

Aecon Group Inc claims to have a legacy of 140 years and involved in numerous construction and infrastructure development projects across the globe, ranging from complex projects, mega-integrated projects to local projects.

The company’s signature projects include:
• CBC headquarters in Toronto
• Complexe Desjardins in Montreal
• Ferihegy Airport Expansion in Budapest, Hungary
• Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Project in Himachal Pradesh, India
• Wolsong Tritium Removal Facility in Korea,
• John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project in British Columbia
• CN Tower in Toronto

Aecon Group operates under two reportable segments: Construction and Concessions

The construction segment is primarily engaged in the construction and development of public and private infrastructure projects across different sectors, including civil, urban transportation system, utilities, nuclear, and conventional industrial sectors.

The segment caters to Canada-based public and private sector clients. In addition, the infrastructure company reportedly earns significant revenue from this segment.

Aecon’s Concessions segment is majorly engaged in the development of international and domestic P3 projects, investment and management services, private finance solutions, operations and maintenance.

The second segment operates through public-private-partnership (P3) contract structure and provides integrated infrastructure services.

Presently, Aecon Group Inc is also focused on a diversified portfolio of Canada-based infrastructure projects that includes:
• Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Bell Canada Gigabit Fibe Service
• Bow River Bridge Twining
• Coastal GasLink Pipeline
• Patullo Bridge Replacement
• Regina Wastewater treatment plant
• Wilde Lake Compressor and Meter Stations

The infrastructure company also claims to undertake several infrastructure projects to support indigenous communities through the following joint ventures:
• Chipewyan Prairie Aecon JV (CPAJV)
• Enoch Aecon JV (EAJV)
• Aecon-Six Nations (A6N)

Aecon Group is reportedly focused on minimizing GHG emissions and environmental footprint from its operations, equipment, facilities and processes.

In addition, it aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, with an initial interim target to decrease direct carbon dioxide emissions up to 30 percent by 2030.

Contact Information

company address 20 Carlson Court Sute 800 Toronto, Ontario M9W 7K6

company phone(416) 297 2600

company email[email protected]

company website

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