Exro Technologies Inc. (TSXV:EXRD)


Exro Technologies Inc is a junior industrial company that develops clean technologies for electric machines and battery control systems.

In June 2021, Exro Technologies Inc was graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange. It earlier was listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. The common stocks now trade on TSX under EXRO’ stock symbol.

The Calgary-based electronic technology company is also listed on OTCQB Market, with common stocks trading under the quote of ‘EXROF’.

Exro Technologies develops and markets patented technology to enhance the current electronic motor devices. The company manufactures power electronics for electronic machines, including e-motors and e-generators.

The company has the following two patented technologies:

• Coil Driver is an intelligent coil switching drive that can accelerate and enhance the output of an alternating current (AC) motor.

• Battery Control System (BCS) is a battery management inverter featuring a cell control system.

The products solutions and technologies offered by the company support various markets in different industries, including subway, pump, wind turbine, escalator, fan, industrial motor, compressor, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), appliance, vacuum, crane, automotive vehicles, elevator, and many more.

The company strategically involves several partnership agreements with Land, Potencia Industrial, Templar, Aurora PowerTrains, Clean Seed Capital Group, Zero Motorcycles, Sea Electric and Heinzmann, to explore market opportunities reportedly.

On April 26, 2021, the clean tech firm entered into an agreement to supply and provide Exro featured electric buses to Vicinity Motor Corp, a transportation provider. In a press release dated May 19, 2021, Exro Technologies Inc announced that it has completed pilot BCS in an operating second life energy storage.

Also in June 2021, the clean tech company reportedly signed an agreement with Linamar Corporation, an automobile parts manufacturer, to develop electric drive solutions for EVs.

Contact Information

company address 12-21 Highfield Circle SE Calgary, AB T2G5N6 Canada

company phone(604) 674-7746

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.exro.com/

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