BluMetric Environmental Inc. (TSXV:BLM)


BluMetric Environmental Inc., formerly Seprotech Systems Incorporated, is a junior environmental consultancy and industrial cleantech firm that operates in the waste management industry. The firm was incorporated in September 1985 to provide water treatment, re-use and wastewater treatment capabilities through its investment in tech developments and strategic acquisitions.

BluMetric Environmental Inc. is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSXV), where its common shares are traded under the stock symbol BLM. The Ottawa-headquartered company is a fully integrated product and service provider of sustainable solutions to tackle critical environmental issues worldwide, primarily in Canada.

BluMetric offers a broad range of quality professional services based on environmental earth science, industrial hygiene and remediation, renewable energy sources, and occupational health and safety. The company provides water and wastewater design-builds and is actively engaged in environmental contracting and management.

The company delivers the following professional services to the business sector:

• Environment permitting and compliance

• Environment reporting

• Environment site assessments

• Geomatics and data management

• Physical hydrogeology and clean water

• Property assessment and environment due diligence

• Management systems

• Waste Management

• Waterpower and hydraulic structures

• Ergonomics

The company also offers various environmental-friendly solutions to the industrial sector, including:

• Landfill management and capacity reclamation

• Phase III and project site remedial options analysis

• Source water protection

• Rehabilitation of Lake Heney

• Multi-phase vacuum extraction system

The waste management firm caters to the needs of the government sector, at various levels, as well. More specifically, the company serves the military, including the navy, land forces and Seaspan, in the following ways:

• Standard product line -- Chlorine dosing units, solids waste management systems, water remineralizers, oily water separators and many such systems.

• Shipboard Reverse Osmosis Desalinator

• Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant

• Portable Water Purification System

• Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units

The company holds ten offices throughout Yukon, Quebec, Ontario, and Northwest Territories. It serves both the national and international markets, however, it drives a significant portion of its revenue from Canadian markets.

Its business development efforts are mainly directed towards four markets -- mining, military, commercial and industrial, and government sectors -- where it noticed a high demand for its products and services. Reportedly, BluMetric Environmental Inc. has become a trusted environment consultancy and cleantech firm to many indigenous communities in the northern region of the country.

Contact Information

company address 1682 Woodward Drive Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2C 3R8

company phone613.839.3053

company email[email protected]

company website

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