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Andlauer Healthcare Group Inc is a Canadian supply chain management company that primarily focuses on the healthcare sector. Headquartered in Vaughan, the company provides essential healthcare services, including customized logistics and transportation solutions.

It is a publicly listed company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘AND’.

The company operates through two main segments – Healthcare Logistics and Specialized Transportation.

The Canada-based company provides a comprehensive healthcare platform that offers safe and secure delivery of highly regulated pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer healthcare, nutraceuticals, animal health and beauty products.

The healthcare platform claims to provide GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant environment, system visibility, temperature-controlled healthcare solutions, real-time reporting and security for clients along the supply chain.

The group’s platform of companies includes:

• Accuristix - provides logistics solution
• Nova Pack - for co-packaging
• ATS Healthcare - provides a temperature-controlled transportation facility
• Medds - for home delivery of pharmaceutical products,
• Credo - offers reusable shippers
• Skelton - dealing in cold chain transportation solutions.

Andlauer Healthcare has 18 branches, with nine distribution centres across Canada.

The healthcare products are reportedly monitored and managed within requisite temperature controls and high standards of security.

Andlauer, through ATS Healthcare, is said to be Canada’s only network of temperature-controlled facilities with over two million square feet of capacity across 35 centres.

The healthcare group has around 29 facilities installed with temperature control and monitoring equipment. The company also operates five third party owned cross-dock facilities.

Reusable shippers by Credo offer year-round shipping of temperature-sensitive products by maintaining them under accurate range, more payload space and reduced shipping costs.

The company generates a majority of its total revenue from ground transportation by ATS Healthcare, including pick-up and delivery, courier, LTL and preferred carrier options.

A significant share of the revenue is also generated from logistics and distribution provided by Accuristix, while the remaining portion comes from packaging solutions offered by Credo, Nova Pack, and air freight forwarding, last-mile delivery service to clinics, pharmacies and customers provided by ATS Healthcare and MEDDS.

The company said that it is proactively taking measures to prioritize the health and safety of its clients, staff and suppliers.

Contact Information

company address 100 Vaughan Valley Blvd. Vaughan, Ontario L4H 3C5

company phone416-744-4900

company email[email protected]

company website

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