Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) resource validation drilling update for Saraya Project

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Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) resource validation drilling update for Saraya Project

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 Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) resource validation drilling update for Saraya Project
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  • Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) has mobilised the drilling equipment to the exploration camp at the Saraya Project site.
  • The diamond drilling is expected to begin mid October 2022, once routine drill rig maintenance and drill site preparation work is completed.
  • The company plans to carry out a 23-hole drill program for 3200 metres to validate the Saraya Exploration Target and define a maiden Mineral Resource classified as per the JORC Code (2012).

In the latest announcement, gold and uranium player Haranga Resources Limited (ASX:HAR) has informed the market that Senegalese drilling contractor International Drilling Company (IDC) has mobilised the drilling rig equipment to the company’s exploration camp near the Saraya Prospect.

Drilling is expected to start in mid-October 2022, soon after routine maintenance task is done for the drill rig and the drill site preparation gets completed.

Designed by mineral resource consultants RSC of Australia, the 23-hole drill programme will test the validity of the Exploration Target of 5 to 20 million tonnes at a grade range of 350 to 750 ppm eU3O8 (4-35 Mlb contained Eu3o8).

Resource Validation Program

Plan map of validation drillholes and Exploration Target

The drilling is planned to confirm the geological interpretation as well as check historical eU grades. During diamond drilling, sampling for chemical assays will also be done that would verify the K-factors utilised in historical resource estimations.

The overall resource validation program should help in better understanding of the geological architecture of the Saraya deposit and lead to a validated eU database. Based on the results of the programme, HAR will prepare a geological domain model to support a future mineral resource classification as per the JORC Code (2012).

There are a total of 23 drill holes for 3,200 m in the validation drill plan. Holes are categorised in two stages- Stage 1 with 15 drill holes for 2,000 m and Stage 2 with 8 drill holes for 1,200 m.

Stage 1 Drill holes with twin historical holes, to test the 040 geological model as well as areas having oblique or perpendicular mineralisation orientation. Stage 2 drill holes will aim deeper mineralisation and additional untested areas with unconstrained orientations and help in developing the geological model.

The drill program can be extended beyond the planned 3,200 m program as HAR has allowed flexibility in the drilling contract. It may also continue expansion on the known mineralisation at the Saraya prospect and/or to test any new targets identified.

Management Commentary

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