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SenSen Networks Limited (ASX:SNS) is an AI data fusion enterprise, which applies its ingenuity to create safer and better experiences and to solve problems that were once considered impossible. Its patented network approach allows it to offer real-time, customised and batch processing of data along with SaaS solutions.

SenSen closely works with progressive managers encountering high-risk and complex problems involving places, people, and data. Besides, the Company work with the private sector and the city council to ease traffic congestion, reduce road accidents and automate laborious, monotonous tasks.

With SenSen by their side, their decision-making is backed by optimal data evidence. In this way, the Company help the cities to become smarter, roads to become safer, and traffic flows to become smooth. With SenSen solutions, repetitive tasks are replaced by computer vision that never gets tired.

The Company’s solutions serve different customer segments, including retail, facilities, casinos, toiling and traffic analytics, parking management, civic compliance and smart city experience lab.

The Company has also created a reconfigurable data fusion software platform, known as SenDISA, which interfaces with sensors and cameras to extract actionable and accurate insights in real-time. The platform took over 10 years in the making, with multiple patents already awarded and some pending. This multi-sensor, multi-camera data fusion software platform can be reconfigured on demand to fulfil diverse customer use case requirements.

With respect to buildings and spaces, the Company’s solutions collect, evaluate, and report the data that one needs to control their space and their customers’ experiences. SenSen became the world’s first entity to decipher and digitise the games individuals play on live gaming tables, independently and 100 per cent accurately, without hindering the flow of play.

The Company’s roads and parking solutions safeguard people from dangerous parking behaviours while helping to lower congestion on city streets. The Company offers end-to-end automation for parking management besides providing gateless and ticketless parking solutions.

Contact Information

company address Level 1, 9 Harper Street, Abbotsford, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3067

company phone03 9417 5368

company email[email protected]

company website

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