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Orcoda Limited (ASX:ODA) is an information technology company, engaged in providing logistics solutions in three sectors- healthcare, transportation, and resources. The Company primarily fulfils the operational efficiency and logistic needs of the clients.

Orcoda combines technology, management expertise and contracting services to give optimization solutions to businesses and various organisations. The Company’s vision is improving efficiency in business processes through the help of Orcoda’s digital platforms and management services.

The core areas where Orcoda operates to find solutions are the people, systems, and processes of an organisation. Through efficient allocation of these resources, Orcoda helps businesses enhance their services, asset utilization, compliance, and reporting.

Broadly, Orcoda delivers complex supply chain solutions and other business-related problems. This is done by imparting information to the clients with greater visibility, allowing them to make more efficient decisions for their organisation.

Orcoda has three divisions- healthcare, transport, and resources. The healthcare logistics operation focuses on fleet utilization, reducing costs, improving reporting as well as customer service. Orcoda provides optimized routes and scheduling, with live reporting and communication through its single device in field.

The transport logistics operation offers efficient delivery systems to improve customer experience. The Company provides facilities like electronic driver workbooks, driver tracking ETA notifications for customers, photos of delivery and customer service reports.

Under the resource logistics operation, Orcoda works towards increasing workforce management. This helps reduce administration time and effort and handling errors. Automated updates allow accurate information to pass on.

Contact Information

company address Suite 312, 434 St Kilda Road, ST KILDA, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3004

company phone+61 3 9866 7333

company websitehttp://www.orcoda.com

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