Hansen Technologies Limited (ASX:HSN)

Industry Group : Software & Services | Industry Group Name : Software

Market Price : AUD 5.35-0.35 (6.14%)

(as on 2021-11-28 09:56:12)

Market Cap : AUD 1.073 B

Dividend Yield (Annualized) : 1.870%

Previous Close Open Close* Day Range 52 WEEK HIGH LOW
5.7 5.64 5.35 5.330L 5.650 H 3.600L 6.690 H
Last Trade 5.35
Change% -6.1404
52 W H/L 6.690/3.600
NPAT After Abnormal Items 57.335 M
Equity 288.519 M
ROE% 19.70%
Total Liabilities 272.662 M

Stock Information

Share price 5.35
Market Cap 1.073 B
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 1.61%
Ending Shares 199.846 M
52-Week Range 6.690-3.600


Heading Date/Time
Change in substantial holding  09/11/2021 4:38PM
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  22/10/2021 9:11AM
Notification regarding unquoted securities - HSN  21/10/2021 4:52PM
Change of Director's Interest Notice  22/09/2021 2:24PM
Hansen Technologies Conference call - BGH Capital Withdrawal  06/09/2021 1:10PM
Ceasing to be a substantial holder  06/09/2021 10:27AM
BGH Capital withdraws non-binding acquisition proposal  06/09/2021 8:22AM
Change of Director's Interest Notice  02/09/2021 10:38AM
Application for quotation of securities - HSN  02/09/2021 8:51AM
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Price  01/09/2021 12:09PM
Notification regarding unquoted securities - HSN  30/08/2021 4:37PM
Update on BGH Capital Acquisition Proposal  26/08/2021 8:34AM
Dividend/Distribution - HSN  24/08/2021 5:11PM
Hansen Technologies FY21 Results Presentation  24/08/2021 5:10PM
Hansen Technologies Corporate Governance Statement  24/08/2021 5:06PM
Hansen Technologies FY21 Results Announcement  24/08/2021 5:04PM
Appendix 4G  24/08/2021 5:04PM
Full Year Statutory Accounts  24/08/2021 5:03PM
Change in substantial holding  03/08/2021 8:22AM
FY 21 Results Release Date  26/07/2021 2:14PM
Update on BGH Capital non-binding conditional proposal  16/07/2021 8:45AM
Update on BGH Proposal  16/06/2021 12:12PM
Becoming a substantial holder  08/06/2021 1:15PM
Hansen receives non-binding conditional proposal from BGH  07/06/2021 8:58AM
Hansen Technologies Capital Markets Day 2021 Presentation  18/05/2021 8:20AM
Ceasing to be a substantial holder  03/05/2021 9:39AM
Capital Markets Day (virtual) 18 May 2021  27/04/2021 2:53PM
Change in substantial holding  15/04/2021 9:30AM
Appendix 2A  06/04/2021 3:22PM

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About Company

Hansen Technologies Limited (ASX: HSN) offers customer information systems, billing software and data management systems for energy, water, telecommunications and pay TV sectors. The group’s experts globally are focused on 500+ clients; enabling to streamline billing and operational processes, manage and analyze consumption data and ultimately improve their customers’ experience.

Corporate Information

company address 2 Frederick Street, DONCASTER, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3108

company phone03 9840 3000

company website


Year-end Date Franking DPS (AUD) Dividend Yield
30/06/2021 38% 0.100 1.87%
30/06/2020 23% 0.100 3.77%
30/06/2019 87% 0.030 1.05%
30/06/2018 100% 0.060 2.72%
30/06/2017 100% 0.060 2.12%
30/06/2016 93% 0.070 2.89%
30/06/2015 83% 0.060 3.11%
30/06/2014 92% 0.060 6.60%
30/06/2013 83% 0.060 8.95%
30/06/2012 67% 0.060 8.38%

Event Calendar

Event Type Event Date Event Year
Report (Prelim) 2022-08-23 2022
Report (Interim) 2022-02-24 2022

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