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South32 Ltd. is an Australia-based natural resources developing company, which is involved in extraction and processing of metals and minerals. Founded in 2015, the company’s portfolio includes production of energy coal, metallurgical coal, Bauxite, Aluminum, Alumina, Manganese, Lead, Silver, Nickel, Zinc in Australia, South America, and southern Africa. In North America, the company has its own Silver, Zinc and Lead Development option. Operations are mainly located in Australia, Africa, North America, and South American regions.     

The company’s main motto is to constantly improve its performance, optimum utilisation of its manpower, projects, technology, and innovation, identify new opportunities and create enduring social environmental and economic value. 

The three main operational division of the company are: Mine, Refine and Smelt. The Mine division includes production of Bauxite, Zinc, energy coal, Silver, Lead, Nickel ore, Metallurgical coal, and Manganese ore. South32 is the world’s largest manufacturer of manganese ore in Australia and South Africa. For steel production, Manganese ore and metallurgical coal are two essential raw materials. Lead, Silver and Zinc production comes from Cannington mines is used for construction, renewable energy generation and consumer electronics. Energy coal is generally utilised for power generation.   

The Refine division uses Alumina to produce Aluminium. Worsley Alumina is the world’s largest and low cost alumina producer. The alumina from Worsley and Brazil refine’s Bauxite is used to produce Alumina. Of which, 50% is shipped to aluminum smelters in South Africa and Mozambique, while the rest is sent to the seaborne market. The Smelt division includes Aluminium, Ferronickel and Manganese alloy. Aluminium is widely used in the Automotive, construction and Consumer goods sector. In the southern hemisphere, Hillside Aluminium in South Africa is the largest aluminium smelter.  Manganese alloy is the main raw material for steel production and Ferronickel is used to make stainless steel that is used to make household items, vehicle parts, and surgical instruments.


Level 47
108 St Georges Terrace
Perth, 6000
Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 9324 9000


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company address Level 35, 108 St Georges Terrace, PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6000

company phone+61 8 9324 9000

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