AffordAssist (ASX:unlisted)


AffordAssist is an affordable housing program that provides a much-needed deposit solution to first-home buyers, thereby fast-tracking their entry into the Australian property market. AffordAssist delivers innovative and affordable property deposit as well as loan deposit solutions.  

The Company’s deposit solution for first-home buyers includes a proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA) signed between the buyer and seller for the amount needed for securing a housing loan. Thus, with AffordAssist, the buyers do not need a 5%, 10% or 20% cash deposit. Instead, one could purchase the property with as little as A$10,000. AffordAssist’s proprietary program is also a lifeline for settling existing purchase agreements between Buyers and Sellers. 

The Company is neither a seller nor a lender or mortgage broker, with its financial solution replacing the need for cash deposit. The program is designed to meet the needs of the first-home buyer, with the corporate solution offered in conjugation with government initiatives to increase first-home ownership in Australia. 

There has been a growing focus towards ensuring housing accessibility to the first home buyers, with the Government rolling out a range of measures to support their housing needs. Nevertheless, the surging house prices amidst low-interest rates and high demand can push out first-home buyers, especially when they cannot arrange funds for the initial deposit. 

In this context, AffordAssist can prove highly significant, moving the buyers into their first home so they can kick off their loan payment while saving on unnecessary rentals. 

AffordAssist also encompasses all types of residential properties, be it brand-new, previously lived-in or off the plan, maintained with the network of its property partners. The buyers can choose from AffordAssist’s approved list of properties. At the same time, one also has the freedom to select homes as per their own and avail only the Company’s financial solution. 


Contact Information

company address Address: Level 26, 44 Market Street  Sydney NSW 2000

company phone+61 410 510 997

company email[email protected]

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