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Creso Pharma Limited (ASX:CPH) brings its pharmaceutical skills and knowledge to the cannabis sector and strives for the highest quality in its products. The Company’s cannabis and hemp-derived products include therapeutic, nutraceutical, as well as lifestyle products.

Creso is providing pharmaceutical expertise with the delivery of the highest quality cannabis-based products. In this context, therapeutic-grade nutraceuticals derived from hemp are additional products the cannabis firm has been working on.

The Company uses Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to develop and manufacture its products with initial product registrations in Switzerland. The Company has global rights for several unique and proprietary pioneering delivery technologies that improve the bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoids.

Source: CPH Website

The group focuses on expanding its presence in the international markets and aims to offer a diverse product portfolio worldwide. The products developed by Creso are categorised into four categories - therapeutics, animal health, nutraceuticals, topicals and lifestyle.

  • Creso’s Therapeutics range is designed for the treatment of medical indications under the physician’s supervision.
  • The Nutraceutical products range aims to help in lowering stress and pain while supporting the natural health balance and wellbeing of individuals. cannaQIX® is the first and distinctive standardised nutraceutical product of the Company.
  • Creso Animal Health products are developed for animal health and wellbeing. Creso’s first of many animal products, anibidiol® is available via Veterinarians across Europe.
  • Creso’s Topical and Skin Care product range is meant to support skin health and improve the appearance of skin.

Creso Pharma’s products are based on cannabis and hemp grown with the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) while being manufactured as per the highest quality standards by using GMP facilities where appropriate.

With the proposed acquisition of Canada-based Halucenex Inc., Creso Pharma is all set to enter the psychedelic space and will become the first ASX-listed wholly-owned psychedelic medicines company.

Contact Information

company address Suite 5 CPC, 145 Stirling Highway, NEDLANDS, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6009

company phone08 9389 3180

company email[email protected]

company website

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