Money3 Corporation Limited (ASX:MNY)

Industry Group : Diversified Financials | Industry Group Name : Consumer Finance

Market Price : AUD 3.02-0.08 (2.581%)

(as on 2021-12-01 11:46:43 AEDT)

Market Cap : AUD 637.939 M

Dividend Yield (Annualized) : 3.250%

Previous Close Open Close* Day Range 52 WEEK HIGH LOW
3.1 3.06 3.02 3.000L 3.090 H 2.610L 3.800 H
Last Trade 3.02
Change% -2.5806
52 W H/L 3.800/2.610
NPAT After Abnormal Items 39.165 M
Equity 336.519 M
ROE% 16.75%
Total Liabilities 292.113 M

Stock Information

Share price 3.02
Market Cap 637.939 M
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 2.99%
Ending Shares 208.676 M
52-Week Range 3.800-2.610


Heading Date/Time
Profit Guidance for FY22 and Q1 Update  17/11/2021 9:58AM
Application for quotation of securities - MNY  15/11/2021 10:06AM
JobKeeper Disclosure  11/11/2021 1:19PM
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  15/10/2021 12:59PM
Notification regarding unquoted securities - MNY  05/10/2021 8:55AM
Notification of cessation of securities - MNY  05/10/2021 8:50AM
Change in substantial holding from TOP  21/09/2021 2:35PM
Change in substantial holding - Tiga Trading Pty Ltd  21/09/2021 2:35PM
Change of Director's Interest Notice  31/08/2021 7:06PM
Application for quotation of securities - MNY  31/08/2021 7:03PM
GCF doubles facility from Heartland Bank  26/08/2021 8:36AM
Appendix 4G FY21  17/08/2021 9:36AM
Corporate Governance Statement FY21  17/08/2021 9:35AM
FY21 Results Investor Presentation  17/08/2021 9:34AM
FY21 Annual Results  17/08/2021 9:30AM
Dividend/Distribution - MNY  17/08/2021 9:28AM
Appendix 4E and Annual Report  17/08/2021 9:25AM
FY21 Results Webinar  11/08/2021 10:20AM
Increased facility from a major Australian bank  04/08/2021 8:50AM
Change of Director's Interest Notices  06/07/2021 1:08PM
Change of Director's Interest Notice  01/07/2021 6:27PM
MNY completes refinance to Credit Suisse  16/06/2021 8:56AM
Change of Director's Interest Notice  25/05/2021 9:04AM
Canaccord Investor Presentation  19/05/2021 10:11AM
MNY upgrades profit guidance to $38M  19/05/2021 10:06AM
Appendix 2A and s708A  06/05/2021 1:08PM
Change in substantial holding - Tiga Trading Pty Ltd  22/04/2021 4:58PM
Change in substantial holding from TOP  22/04/2021 4:55PM
MNY secures new facility with Heartland Bank  20/04/2021 9:29AM

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About Company

Money3 Corporation Ltd (ASX: MNY), a credit provider, offers secured and unsecured personal loans in Australia. They offer small cash and personal loans, and car loans and vehicle finance services, as well as cheque cashing services. Headquartered in Bundoora, Australia, the group has 53 branches in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania. The segments of operation include Broker for lending facilities based on underlying assets as security, Branch for services and lending facilities without an underlying asset as security, and Online for services through Internet.

Corporate Information

company address Level 1, 40 Graduate Road, BUNDOORA, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3083

company phone(03) 9469 8200

company website


Year-end Date Franking DPS (AUD) Dividend Yield
30/06/2021 100% 0.100 4.26%
30/06/2020 100% 0.080 7.37%
30/06/2019 100% 0.100 6.74%
30/06/2018 100% 0.095 6.96%
30/06/2017 100% 0.057 6.31%
30/06/2016 100% 0.053 6.25%
30/06/2015 100% 0.053 6.58%
30/06/2014 100% 0.045 6.01%
30/06/2013 100% 0.040 7.23%
30/06/2012 100% 0.040 15.66%

Event Calendar

Event Type Event Date Event Year
Report (Annual) 2022-08-16 2022
Report (Prelim) 2022-08-16 2022
Report (Interim) 2022-02-15 2022

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