Jeeves.Plus Pty Ltd (ASX:Unlisted)


Jeeves.Plus Pty Ltd is a Sydney based fast-growing startup incorporated in 2015 with the idea of the need for translation services in the hospitality industry. The basic idea further grew into a wide SMS and translation platform for all businesses.

The Company offers a revolutionary customer service platform, Jeeves.Plus, that helps in streamlining customer service while reducing costs and digitising a business contact centre.

As a multichannel multilingual customer service platform, Jeeves.Plus enables business representatives to have a conversation with customers in 109 languages by automatically translating text messages on the go.

Jeeves.Plus allows businesses and their staff to interact with customers effortlessly and effectively, solving issues and getting real data as per the customers’ needs. The following easy steps indicate how Jeeves.Plus makes it easy with its conversation and translation technology.

  • Plus provides a phone number through which customers make all SMS contact.
  • Customers then send a message in their own language, which is translated to English and then shown to the business operator.
  • The Live operator then replies in English, and the message is sent to the customer after automatically translating it into the language of the customer.

Jeeves.Plus is loaded with distinctive features like automatic responses, customisable reply-library, customer data to get insightful information etc. These features, along with other features, allow seamless efficient communication for a better customer experience and building a strong brand relationship with them.

Moreover, Jeeves.Plus is not limited to SMS but also streamlines conversations across various platforms like Facebook Messenger, Webchat, and Google Business Messages.  

Over the years, Jeeves.Plus has witnessed notable growth and expansion across geographies and is currently available in, but is not limited to, 35 countries across the globe and is poised for further growth.  

Contact Information

company address Gosford, NSW, 2250, Australia

company phone+61419371555

company email[email protected]

company website

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