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Yale School of Management

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About Yale School of Management

The Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) is a renowned business school in New Haven, United States, that offers various postgraduate degrees with an aim to educate leaders on business and society. Its faculty, students and alumni are committed to understand the complex and changing forces transforming global markets and use it to build organizations for government, entrepreneurial, for-profit, and not-for profit sectors that can contribute to the societal development.   

The school operates education and research in operations management, behavioral economics, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, organizational and other areas. Its integrated curriculum, close ties with Yale University and actively connection to global network for advanced management allows the student to acquire important technical skills and develop a good understanding of increasingly complex global framework.


In 1971, the Yale University received donation from Frederick W. Beinecke, PhB 1909, to start a programme in management. In 1973, the Yale Corporation gave a nod to create the

School of Organization and Management to offer a two-year postgraduate degree in public and private management, which may help students in government, business and nonprofit sector.  In 1994, the inistitute rebranded itself as the Yale School of Management, and then in 1999, the school discontinued the MPPM degree to provide Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, while continuing its focus on multiple sectors.

In 2005, it launched an executive MBA program with a focus on healthcare leadership and in 2006, launched an integrated core curriculum to prepare leaders for the cross-functional environment in an organization. Its courses were designed to make students to learn to draw a wide range of data, skills and tools to make critical strategic decisions.

In 2012, the school constituted the Global Network for Advanced Management, which was a network of top business schools across the world, to understand rapidly changing and complex the global business. In the same year, it started a one-year Master of Advanced Management Program in Advanced Leadership.  

In 2014, the school shifted into Edward P. Evans Hall and also introduced three focus areas in its executive MBA program that are: healthcare, asset management and sustainability.  In 2017, the school started the one-year Master’s degree in the systemic risk track of the course and in 2018 introduced the Global Business and Society track of the MMS.


The Yale School of Management offers various Master degrees such as Two-year MBA, MBA for Executives, Master’s Degree in Asset Management, Master of Advanced Management, Master’s degree in Systemic Risk, Master’s degree in Global Business & Society, PhD, Executive Education and Joint degrees and it also conducts Emerging leaders seminar.

  1. Two-Year MBA program

The Yale MBA program is designed around a unique integrated core curriculum that allows student to take a wide range of core courses and electives. It is connected to the top business schools globally through the Global Network for Advanced Management.  

  1. The Executive MBA program

The course combines the MBA integrated core curriculum with advance study that the student may choose one of the three areas of focus that are healthcare, asset management and sustainability.

  1. The Master of Advanced Management (MAM)

MAM is a one-year program in advanced leadership for students who are completed or are pursuing MBA degree or equivalent degree from member schools from the Global Network for Advanced Management.  The students are given exposure in a required series of courses and discussions around global business and role of leaders.

  1. Master’s degree in Global Business & Society

Master of Management Students in the Global Network for Advanced Management can enroll to the Master’s degree in global business and society that offers students with management tools and broad perspective to excel in their careers. 

  1. Master’s degree in Systemic Risk

The one-year degree in systemic risk is the most recent program added by the School that offers the expertise of the financial stability to study the measure and management of systemic risk and macro prudential financial regulation.

  1. PhD Program

The doctoral program confers degrees through the Graduate School of Arts and Science. It offers five major tracks to students that include accounting, marketing, finance, operations, and organizations and management to the next generation of scholars.

  1. Joint Degrees

The  joint-degree programs include MBA/MD with Yale School of Medicine, MBA/MEM or MF with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the MBA/JD with Yale Law School, MBA/MArch with Yale School of Architecture, MBA/MDiv or MBA/MAR with Yale Divinity School, MBA/PhD with Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MBA/MPH with Yale School of Public Health, MBA/MFA with Yale School of Drama, and MBA/MA in Global Affairs with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

  1. Master’s Degree in Asset Management

Masters in Asset Management program is introduced in association with the Yale Investments Office and Parallels to educate undergraduate and professionals with three or fewer years of work experience about the asset management.

In addition to all these programs that the school also offers various courses of both customized and open-enrollment non-degree programs to offer professionals from around the world to benefit from the school’s expertise.

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