Altech Chemicals launches its trademark “Silumina Anodes” name for its proprietary composite silicon/graphite anode

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Altech Chemicals launches its trademark “Silumina Anodes” name for its proprietary composite silicon/graphite anode

ATC update, 27 January 2022
Image source: ATC update, 27 January 2022


  • Altech Chemicals has launched and registered Silumina AnodesTM for its alumina-coated composite lithium-ion battery anode material.
  • R&D undertaken by Altech shows alumina-coated batteries have higher energy retention capacity by volume and weight.
  • ATC’s shares surged more than 5% on the ASX on the launch of “Silumina Anodes”.

In a major development on its proprietary alumina-coated battery material technology, Altech Chemicals Limited (ASX:ATC|FRA:A3Y) has launched and registered the product name Silumina AnodesTM. The trademark will be used for its alumina-coated composite silicon/graphite battery anode material.

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Investors welcomed the update as the share price surged 5.43% in the early hours of the trading session today. Currently, ATC is trading at AU$0.097 per share (12:00 PM AEDT) with a market cap of AU$127.58 million as of 27 January 2022.

Altech’s R&D team, based at its Perth-based laboratory, achieved the game-changing breakthrough in enhancing the performance of lithium-ion batteries using the alumina-coating technology on silicon and graphite. The research team was successful in breaking the ‘silicon barrier’ and has achieved 30% increased energy capacity than the incumbent graphite-only battery anode.

R&D work in progress (Image source: ATC update, 25 November 2021)

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The battery industry has for decades sought plausible solutions for the inclusion of silicon in anode material. Silicon has nearly 10 times energy retention capacity compared to graphite. Also, using silicon as a battery anode could reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries significantly.

The basic problem with uncoated silicon, however, is its swells on charging, which could damage the battery. Uncoated silicon particles could expand up to 300% in volume during charging. Also, it deactivates a high percentage of lithium ions in the battery.

Altech’s research team, after extensive research for nearly a year, found a solution to introducing silicon in lithium-ion batteries safely and without the loss of lithium ions.

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The team treated silicon particles with its innovative Silimuna Anodes coating technology. A nanofilm of alumina is coated on silicon particles, and then these coated silicon particles are embedded on regular battery-grade graphite particles. The new composite graphite/silicon anode, when energised, held 30% more energy capacity than conventional graphite anodes.

Silumina AnodesTM product is expected to be used to manufacture anodes with a higher energy retention capacity by volume and weight in comparison to a battery with conventional graphite anodes.

Altech has planned Phase 2 of the R&D program with an objective to improve on the 30% energy increase achieved in Phase 1.

Altech has acquired land in Germany on which it intends to construct its battery materials coating plant to service the burgeoning European electric vehicle market.

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