Are Things Turning Sour For Theresa May's Plans

  • Mar 27, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Are Things Turning Sour For Theresa May's Plans

Theresa May’s government experienced another political defeat on Monday night, as members of the House of Commons voted to take control of the Brexit time table from the conservative government on Wednesday, to exercise a series of indicative votes to try to fix what course of action could hold a majority in the House.

Members voted by 329 to 302 in support of an adjustment of a motion- presented by Conservative MP Oliver Letwin to allow the series of undefined votes to take place on Wednesday, in spite of the government’s affirmation that they would be willing to conduct to hold a series of such ballots itself. 

The recent defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May indicates the extent of which power has deteriorated from the current government and the lack of faith on the Theresa May's government. Theresa May has insisted that they cannot assure to accept the results of the indicative vote without what these are going to be.

Theresa May’s government also marginally eschew defeat by 314 to 311 on an adjustment by a Labour MP Margaret Beckett that would have required House to be recalled pondering voting on a no-agreement withdrawal, were Britain to be four days away from leaving without any agreement.

Theresa May had earlier insisted that indicative votes simply produced different outcomes or no outcome at all and that there was a risk that poll could lead to a result that was not negotiable with European Union.

May was forced to accept that her Brexit deal nevertheless struggled to hold the required support to get it through the British Parliament. If MPs agreed for a no-deal Brexit, then members of the House will have till April 12 to come up with another plan forward. If it gets support in the house, Britain will leave the EU bloc on May 22, 2019.

While it is now up to the members of the House of Commons to stage out next steps in respect to this change, the current government will continue to call for pragmatism – any options considered must be delivered in negotiations with the European Union. Members should take account of the how long these negotiations will take and if they require another extension which would mean holding European parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn hailed British Parliament for commanding control and called on the government to take the process seriously; the conservatives warned that conquered the balance between our democratic institution and sets a dangerous, uncertain paradigm for the future.

Conservative backbencher supporter Oliver Letwin said, they could not trust the Theresa May government to allow MPs a say on the full range of divorce options.

Members participated in the Monday’s vote said if there is an adequate majority for a plan that's not the Theresa May's deal then there would be chaos if Prime Minister tried to avoid it.

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