What is DAO Maker (DAO) crypto? Venture capital token rallies

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What is DAO Maker (DAO) crypto? Venture capital token rallies

 What is DAO Maker (DAO) crypto? Venture capital token rallies
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  • The DAO token price was up over 5% on Thursday morning
  • It reached its all-time high of US$8.75 on April 21, 2021
  • It gave a return of over 62% over the past 12 months

The DAO Maker (DAO) crypto has caught the eyes of investors, after a recent rally in its prices. Its prices were up over 5% on Thursday morning, while its volume for the last 24-hours was down over 23%.

What is DAO Maker (DAO)?

DAO Maker is a platform that intends to reformulate venture capital for the masses through offering extensible technology as well as funding aid to tokenized startups. The idea of this venture capital fund first came in 2017, and since then, it has developed with an aim to create low-turnout frameworks.

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It has helped several retail investors and individuals in becoming active participants in venture capital. In other words, while any funding is made through the DAO Maker platform, the risk for both the investors and the startups is generally decreased, or so is the claim.

The DAO Pad can be regarded as a multi-investment platform, that enables the members of DAO Maker to trade DAO tokens into the DAO Maker Vault. It primarily enables the members in participating in public, private, and other funding rounds, while incentivizing loyal and active participants.

It was founded by Christoph Zaknum and Giorgio Marciano, and the current size of the team is comprised of more than 20 people. The DAO token is the governance token of the DAO Maker. It was built on the Ethereum blockchain. The current circulating supply of the token is over 63 million, while its maximum supply is 312 million.

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Why is DAO Maker (DAO) crypto soaring on Thursday?

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Pricing and other details of DAO token:

The DAO token was priced at US$4.95 at 7:15 am ET on January 13, up 5.51%. It has a market cap of US$312.16 million, and its fully-diluted market cap is US$1.54 billion. Its volume for the last 24 hours was US$3.14 million, representing a decline of 23.72% on Thursday morning.


The DAO token saw the highest price of US$8.75 and the lowest price of US$1.24 in the last 52 weeks. It has reached its all-time high of US$8.75 on April 21, 2021.

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Bottom line:

The DAO token has increased by 62.39% over the past 12 months. However, an investor should also focus on the high volatility and other risks associated with digital currencies before considering an investment.


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