How Onshore and Offshore Wind Can Be Used As A New Form Of Electricity In The UK?

You may have heard about onshore and offshore wind power. But what do they refer to? First let’s understand what wind power is and then break it down even further. We will explore the potential of wind power in the UK.

• Wind power or wind energy is the utilization of wind to provide mechanical power by turning kinetic energy into electricity with the help of wind turbines. It is considered a very popular source of renewable energy because it has a comparatively less harmful impact on the environment than non-renewable energy and is more sustainable and viable in the long run. • Wind power usage has been growing at a tremendous rate in the past few decades, mainly due to rising awareness about environmental issues and decreasing costs due to economies of scale. • Wind energy can be categorized into 2 segments, onshore and offshore. Offshore wind power is generated in open waters, mostly oceans, where the wind speed is generally higher, while onshore wind power is generated on land, mostly in areas with less habitation. • The most cost-effective way of power generation for new electricity in the UK is onshore wind energy. It is less expensive than gas, coal, nuclear as well as all other available renewable sources of energy.