How is the UK government funding heavy industries to get clean technology?

Green and clean technologies include a wide range of environment friendly products as well as infrastructure, like waste recycling, water purification, clean energy production, products to conserve natural resources and even repair the damage done in the past to the environment. 

In 2020, the UK Government came up with a 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution with the aim to build back the economy in a more sustainable manner after being battered by the pandemic. The plan focuses on offshore wind, low carbon hydrogen, advanced nuclear power, green public transport and zero emission vehicles, green buildings, green ships and carbon storage, among others. A few days after the Budget 2021, as part of the £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio of the UK Government, £92 million was assigned to support green technologies.

The 3 key areas of investment include biomass production, offshore wind energy and energy storage technology. Out of the £92 million, £68 million will be invested in energy storage technology, like storing energy from wind turbines and solar panels. Another £20 million will be invested in floating offshore wind technology, with the aim to supply power through wind energy to every home in UK by 2030.