FTSE 100 Oil & Gas stocks amid climate transition

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FTSE 100 Oil & Gas stocks amid climate transition

  • Investor group Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGC) laid out a set of new standards for major oil companies to follow as part of their transition towards decarbonisation.
  • The IIGC is a group of investors holding a combined AUM of over US$ trillion.
  • Let us look at 2 FTSE 100 oil and gas stocks and see how they reacted to the development:

1. Royal Dutch Shell PLC (LON: RDSA)

Royal Dutch Shell is an oil and gas major and also part of the core group of oil majors working with the IIGC on the new standards.


BP is another UK based oil and gas giant. The company reported its interim Q2 2021 dividend of US$ 0.0546 per share today. It will be payable in pounds sterling on 24 September. The dividends will have an exchange rate of £1 equal to US$ 1.38126.


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