Flammable cladding and unreasonable support may hurt residents’ pockets.

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Flammable cladding and unreasonable support may hurt residents’ pockets.

Many London residents are facing a potential cladding crisis as the monetary support extended by the UK government is somewhat little if compared with the actual cost of the repairs and necessarily required remedial repairs. It has been more than three-and-half years since the fire broke out at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington jurisdiction of West London. More than 70 people were injured, while about 72 fatal cases were recorded in the Grenfell Tower fire. There has been an apparent fight between the residents and the government about the remedial repairs of cementing non-flammable cladding on the roofs and other areas of the building. The inflection has primarily arisen due to the unacceptable mismatch in the terminal cost of repairs and the budgetary allocation done by the government.

In certain areas, the cost of the remedial repair is surpassing £100,000, while in some jurisdictions, the necessary repair works need a sum close of £150,000. Such an enormous amount can be hazardous for the leaseholders and homeowners as lending institutions are fairly restrained from offering credit for unsaleable flats. On the other hand, such flats remain empty as tenants are unwilling to spend extra on remedial repairs.


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