Innovative Eyewear Inc. - Upgrading the World’s Eyewear


  • The company has been established with the core mission of upgrading optical glasses with tech features
  • Innovative Eyewear, Inc. is focusing on making and selling Lucyd® branded frames, through two major sales channels, direct-to-consumer and wholesale

Innovative Eyewear is a company redefining the eyewear market with the design and production of affordable prescription glasses with Bluetooth capabilities. The company’s glasses not only have the appearance and price point of standard designer eyewear, but are equipped with unique features that enable the wearer to listen to music, take and make calls, talk with Siri and use other mobile functions while keeping their phone in their pocket.  

It is also developing a voice-controlled app called Vyrb™, which will let the wearer create, hear and respond to social media posts with their voice, right on Lucyd glasses.

The company’s eyewear serves the dual purpose of wireless headphones and glasses in one, bringing vision correction and protection together with digital connectivity, and creating a seamless tool for accessing your digital life.

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A Powerful Upgrade at An Affordable Price

The company has been established with the core mission of upgrading the world’s glasses, and they have developed fashionable and affordable prescription frames with Bluetooth features under the Lucyd brand. The company is developing a new form factor for Bluetooth eyewear with the Lucyd Lyte line, which are affordable and fashionable tech-enhanced optical glasses. The glasses enable useful controls when connected to the wearers’ phone, smartwatch or computer, and boast crisp audio and a sharp microphone.

In 2018, the team launched their first product, the Lucyd Loud 1.0 glass. In the last three years, they have developed and sold thousands of pairs of Bluetooth eyewear and unveiled three different product lines, with the upcoming Lyte being the fourth.

A Lyte launch model, “Eclipse”, expected to release mid-November, 2020.

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Innovative Eyewear, Inc. Was Created to Expand the Business

In 2020, Innovative Eyewear, Inc. was formed to expand the business in the US. To help with this and consolidate the operations, the IP portfolio from Lucyd Ltd was licensed to Innovative Eyewear, in an exclusive deal to use the Lucyd IP, eShop and brand. At present, the company has an exclusive license to three utility patent applications and seventeen design patents from Lucyd Ltd. This gives it a strong competitive advantage in the tech eyewear space.

The company is focusing on making and selling Lucyd-branded frames, through two major sales channels, direct-to-consumer and wholesale sales. In the former sales channel, the products are offered through eShop, Amazon and, while the latter is through reseller outreach to eyeglass and sporting shops and establishments.

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Investment Opportunity

Innovative Eyewear has an experienced team with a background in branding, tech and product commercialisation. It has launched equity crowdfunding, allowing eyewear and tech enthusiasts to help them build their new innovations.

The company has already reached $250,000, will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date. Due to Reg CF requirements, UK and Canada residents are not eligible to participate in this round. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit