ALD, NZO: 2 energy stocks to watch amid new emission guidelines

Highlights NZ’s new Emissions Reduction Plan spells out how the government will meet the nation’s first emissions target New policies were backed by NZ$2.9 billion from proceeds of carbon credits. The government has continued some ...

CHI, NZO: Fuel stocks in focus as petrol prices jump over $3

  • May 12, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Highlights Petrol prices in NZ have been rising with prices crossing $3 per litre. Channel Infrastructure released its annual shareholder meeting presentation and announced Board changes on 10 May. NZO informed that it had found an additional ...

CHI, NZO: 2 oil & gas stocks in news as petrol prices rise again

  • May 09, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Highlights Petrol prices in NZ are again pushing higher due to increasing crude oil costs. NZO updated that it was planning to raise $25 million by conducting a pro rata renounceable rights offer. Channel Infrastructure NZ announced a bond off...

2 NZX fuel stocks to keep an eye on as petrol prices soar- CHI, NZO

  • Apr 24, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Highlights CPI inflation increased 1.8% in the March quarter compared to previous quarter, majorly driven by a 32% rise in petrol prices YOY. Channel Infrastructure provided its quarterly conversion project update for the March quarter of FY22...

CEN, MCY- What are key highlights of their operational reports?

  • Apr 19, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Highlights NZ has a target of lowering its methane emissions between 24% and 47% and achieving zero-carbon emissions by 2050. CEN’s customer business recorded mass market electricity and gas sales of 298 GWh in March 2022. Mercury’...

A Glance at 2 NZX oil stocks amid global supply concerns- ZEL, NZO

Highlights In response to the ongoing energy crisis arising from geopolitical tensions, New Zealand announces the release of more oil stocks Z Energy gives an update about the rescheduling of final court orders for acquiring 100% of its shares ...

MEL, CEN, TPW: 3 power utilities to include in your list this Easter

  • Apr 15, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

The Electricity Authority of NZ has come to a decision that households and businesses must pay for the services they get as per the expected benefit from that service. The changes may cause a rise or a dip in charges paid by customers served by dif...

Zel, NZO: 2 stocks to watch as Brent crude moves above $100

Highlights Oil prices are moving up again as China’s demand rises Brent crude was at US$108 per barrel this morning OPEC countries are unwilling to increase the oil output The oil market witnessed another shock when the Brent crude ...

NZO, CHI - 2 NZX stocks in news as law passed to cut road user charges

  • Apr 07, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

The New Zealand Parliament passed a law on Wednesday to cut road user charges by at least $27 for every 1,000 Km travelled from 21 April. Last month, the NZ government had announced 3 initiatives to subsidise fuel amid soaring petrol and diesel pr...

NZ to release more oil reserves? Glance at 3 fuel stocks- ZEL, NZO, CHI

  • Apr 04, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Highlights NZ will release more of its emergency oil stocks due to energy security concerns. NZ has contributed 369K barrels of oil in March as part of the IEA’s pledge to release 60 million barrels. Global oil markets are facing extreme...