Aussie designer sues pop star Katy Perry over trademark infringement


  • A lawsuit has been filed against American Singer Katy Perry.
  • Australian designer Katie Jane Taylor, with her maiden name Katie Perry, has alleged that the American pop star has infringed her trademark.
  • The case will be heard in the Federal Court on Wednesday.

‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer Katy Perry may be a global figure with a huge fan following on social media platforms, but here is an Aussie fashion designer who will be confronting the American singer in the Court. It all started after the Sydney-based Designer Katie Jane Taylor, with her maiden name, Katie Perry, decided to sue the singer in the Federal Court over the alleged sale of clothes under the designer's trademark, which constitutes trademark infringement.

As per media reports, in the year 2007, Katie Perry launched her luxury loungewear brand after her name.

Perry reportedly stated that in 2009 she received certain legal documents asking her to stop the sale of stop clothes, stop her website and stop any advertising material. The designer added that following this she believed that she was going to lose everything because she had the trademark for Katie Perry clothes. 

Katie had the trademark for her clothes since 2008, the same year when the singer, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, rose to fame with her popular song 'I Kissed A Girl.' 

Taylor, a mother of two, has alleged before the Federal Court that the pop star breached her trademark from at least 2013 by selling merchandise at not only concerts but also concerts with a mark "substantially identical to, or deceptively similar to" her own. 

After the issue reached the Court, the American singer subsequently launched a cross-claim seeking cancellation of Taylor's trademark. 

On Tuesday, when the Court sat for the second time to hear the case, Perry's solicitor, Matthew Darke SC, noted that the designer took Perry's story to the media in 2009 because of the singer's reputation. Darke held that the designer was deliberately trying to ignore some things related to this matter to save herself.

The designer told the Court that she was in survival mode as she was thinking about her business and survival, not the singer. 

The Court will now hear the case on Wednesday.