COVID-19 loosens grip on India, shifts wrath towards other nations

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COVID-19 loosens grip on India, shifts wrath towards other nations

 COVID-19 loosens grip on India, shifts wrath towards other nations
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As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India seems to be tapering off, many middle-income nations across the world have started seeing a massive spike in the number of cases.

India, for the past four consecutive days, has reported less than 100,000 fresh infections a day after a gap of almost two and a half months. Most importantly, the positivity rate in the three worst hit regions in the country – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi – is down to single digits.

As India breathes a sigh of relief after two months of complete chaos, that saw the country’s healthcare system crumbling, the COVID-19 seems to have shifted focus to some of the other lesser and middle-income regions of the world.

In the last seven days, the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia saw its weekly cases surge by 23%. In South Africa, the weekly fresh infections have climbed 37%. Bangladesh, which houses some of the most densely populated regions in the world, saw its weekly case count shoot up by 31%, while in the war-torn Afghanistan, the weekly count of COVID-19 cases surged by 48%. The African nation of Zambia saw its case count double in just in a week. Oman, Guatemala, Uganda, Mangolia are some other countries that have seen a massive spike in weekly infections.

To add to the worries, the health infrastructure in many of these countries is sub-par, because of which, the situation can take an ugly turn any moment.

Also, many of these countries are dependent on vaccines, especially from India. However, after India’s own healthcare debacle, it has been wary of exporting the jabs. India itself has fully vaccinated just 3.6% of its population and partially vaccinated 14.9% of its population.


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