Hedera (HBAR) crypto price skyrocketed 156% in a year; learn more

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Hedera (HBAR) crypto price skyrocketed 156% in a year; learn more

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 Hedera (HBAR) crypto price skyrocketed 156% in a year; learn more
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  • The HBAR token gained over 156% over the past 12 months.

  • The Hedera (HBAR) crypto token’s circulating supply is 50 billion.

  • It logged an all-time high of US$0.5701 on September 16, 2021.

The Hedera (HBAR) crypto token gained traction on Wednesday, pushing its price up by over 2%. However, its 24-hour trading volume was down around 8% on Wednesday morning.

What is Hedera (HBAR)?

Hedera is one of the most used, stable, and enterprise-grade public networks for the decentralized economy. It enables individuals and organizations to create powerful yet sustainable decentralized applications (DApps).

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In other words, its platform allows developers to create decentralized applications with ease.

The platform does not run on traditional blockchain technology but is based on a novel distributed ledger technology known as Hashgraph. The technology offers more speed, cost-efficiency, and scalability, helping it gain popularity among developers.

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Hedera was designed to eliminate some of the limitations of the older blockchain-based platforms, like slow speed and instability.

Hedera launched an initial coin offering (ICO) of its native utility token HBAR in August 2018. However, it was relaunched for open access in the mainnet in September 2019.

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The HBAR token plays two roles in the Hedera public network. First, it enhances the Hedera network services like smart contracts, file storage, etc. Secondly, it provides a secure network because the token can be staked to help manage the platform's integrity.

The Hedera Hashgraph was created by Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon.

The total maximum supply of the HBAR token is 50 billion, and the current circulating supply is 18.09 billion. It is available for trading in exchanges like Binance, Huobi, etc.

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Why is hedera (HBAR) token gaining attention from the investors?

Source: *Data provided by CoinMarketCap.com

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Pricing, performance of Hedera (HBAR) Crypto

The HBAR token was priced at US$0.263 at 10:41 am ET on January 19, up 2.53%. It has a market cap of US$4.75 billion, and its fully diluted market cap is US$13.15 billion. Its volume in the last 24 hours to Wednesday morning was US$68.51 million, down 8.49%.


The HBAR token saw the highest price of US$0.5701 and the lowest price of US$0.06831 in the last 52 weeks. It climbed to an all-time high of US$0.5701 on September 16, 2021.

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The token saw significant gains in recent quarters. It returned 156.88% gains over the past 12 months. However, investors should exercise due diligence before investing in digital assets.


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