How Canada plans to help farmers adopt green tech

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How Canada plans to help farmers adopt green tech

 How Canada plans to help farmers adopt green tech
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In its efforts to cut down carbon emissions by 2030, the Canadian government has come up with a new agricultural initiative to assist farmers.

The Agricultural Clean Technology Program (ACTP), announced earlier in June, is set to be worth C$ 165.7 million.

Agriculture and Agri-Food minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has said that with this program, farmers and agri-businesses will be able to receive funds for developing and adopting clean technologies.

This move aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contribute towards building a low-carbon economy. Presently, the Canadian government is focusing on green energy, efficient energy, precision agriculture and the bioeconomy to attain its climate change goal.

How To Access Agricultural Clean Technology Program (ACTP)?

Under this new program, farmers and agri-businesses can seek funding via two options: Adoption Stream and Research and Innovation Stream.

Under Adoption Stream, funds will be given for the adoption of clean technologies that prioritize the reduction of GHG emissions.

Those who are eligible for this stream will receive non-repayable contributions for projects worth C$ 50,000 or more. For-profit recipients, government department Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will contribute 50 to 75 per cent.

This funding stream will spread over five years and end in 2026. During this period, C$ 50 million will be allocated for efficient grain dryers across the country and a separate C$ 10 million will be spent for powering farms with clean energy.


Companies or individuals working on research and development of clean agricultural technologies can secure funding from the Research and Innovation Stream.

Those eligible for the funding stream will be able to get non-repayable and repayable contributions of up to C$ 2 million for projects. Unlike Adoption Stream, this funding stream will extend for seven years.

Is Canadian Agriculture Industry Ready To Fight Climate Change?

Even before the ACTP initiative, the agriculture industry in Canada was already making contributions to the fight against climate change.

Agricultural production in the country has doubled since 1999 and emissions have remained relatively stable due to best practices and technologies.

With this new program, the government aims to make present agricultural operations more sustainable. It is said to be an extension of the original Agricultural Clean Technology Program, which started in 2018 and was worth C$ 25 million.

The Canadian government is strengthening its climate change plan to build a clean and sustainable economy over the next few decades, as announced in this year's federal budget.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced an additional C$ 200 million to adopt sustainable practices and achieve carbon reduction targets in Federal Budget 2021. And with agriculture being an essential part of the economy, that dream cannot be attained without assisting this sector.


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